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  1. Thanks Man! I agree and it was cool to build a short/mini as this is the first. I remember the smaller kid running sewups, but I had a hard time finding them.
  2. Thanks all for the cool words! I plan on explaining the bike and history to him. I also plan to build him a beater to learn on and maybe if he starts racing he can take it to the track and show it off. Dad is going to get a history lesson as well.... The bike needs to be well protected and taken care of. I would hate to see this go the way of many bikes back in the day (Stolen)! The powder coat is not original and the headtube has had some work done.
  3. Thanks! He may still be a bit too small, but I'm sure he will dig it!
  4. Here is a JMC XL that I just finished for my Nephew. Not sure about the year, and have not seen many of these out there. I did a old/new school build and think it came out cool.
  5. Just when you thought you had seen everything... This thread is great! From what I recall the foil was a standard around 79 (I dig the photo of Clint with the foil and then an OG plate sticker. I have a 78 that I went with the red outline head tube sticker which is what I remember from my 78 frame. JMChillin has the most in JMC Stickers (BTW, You need to let some us (I mean me) find another home for some of that history, LOL!) It is always cool to see something new/OG, and this is very cool for sure!
  6. Man that thing came out Great! Gotta dig the red!!
  7. Very Cool find! I dig the Blue Tuff 1s!
  8. Thanks X and T.O.! I was lucky to get this thing for sure! Andy, That is a Cool pic and more the way I remeber them. Ronnie was always in jeans and Jon sportin' the Redline duds! All the guys in that picture were awesome and of course goes without saying!
  9. Cool Info! I remember Jon and Ronnie, but did not know that they raced for Hank and Frank. Jon and I raced the same class and would race every so often up in Central Ca. and Ronnie would come down to race in Merced and Atwater once a while. The frames are cool and I guess rare due to them breaking often. I can only imagine that Ronnie went through a few of these!
  10. Thanks Aggy! Hope to see ya at the next Bellflower gig!