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  1. I found this picture in an ABA Action Newsletter April 1981. Article was of the 1st Canadian ABA National sponsored by Kuwahara February 7th & 8th, 1981. Darrell Young won 14 Expert and 13 &14 Trophy Dash riding for RRS.
  2. abombdrummer on ebay or abombone on the Museum can help you out with the decals.
  3. I have seen these headtube decals on late 1981 ZF-1s.
  4. All Mail Delivery has been suspended. Canada Post cannot predict how long the current labour situation will last. It is best if you use Fedex, DHL or UPS to ship to Canada.
  5. I totally agree with JJ. Early in my racing career I was using Smoker chains but at the LBS I worked at, the owner who was a champion road racer in Europe told me to use a Sedis Sport chain. He told me it was lighter and cheaper than the Smoker chain. I thought I was the only one who knew about this little secret but I just learned in the last two years that Sedis 3/32 chains was very popular.
  6. When I started racing seriously I kept a note book with what gearing I used for each track and how I did. It was a great way to keep notes. There were always factors of what the track conditions were. For example indoor dirt tracks were always different because of the type of dirt that was brought in. I remember in one of the tracks the front straight away was so soft that racers were having trouble with their 44/16 gearing. I went to a 39/16 and holeshotted three or more bike lengths infront of everyone. In the final turns when everyone caught up to me I stuck my elbows and leg out so no one will pass me. My theory BITD was "I maybe slow but I am ahead of you!"
  7. Does anyone know what year these Panaracer came out???
  8. Thanks guys! It rides pretty good. Does anyone know when these Panaracers tires were introduced?
  9. I had a great find today. Paid top $$$$. Great survivor condition. Panaracers still have release powder on them. Mint Oakley .5's. Serial number is B199. I don't know alot of info on Big Tubes since I retired before they were introduced. If any of you well knowledged people out there can school me on these bikes.
  10. I know that someone here will know this question. Can someone tell me if Cheng Shin Snakebelly tires are original old school tires or are they modern copies? I don't remember seeing them back in the day.
  11. Here is my old Bear Development Gear Bag from 1981.
  12. The cones and nuts are a different thread pitch than Campagnolo. Front and rear hardware are different. I purchased Titron Axles from Alan McCorkle. He had the proper NOS axles that I could use the original Dura Ace cones and lock nuts. For the swivel axle nuts it was a bit of a problem though. I went from bike shop to bike shop and finally found the two sets.
  13. I don't feel bad about my garage now. Yours looked 10 times worse than mine.
  14. In one of my old magazines I saw a black set of flights on the Red Baron's bike. Dennis will know.
  15. Nice build Dave! How about a pic with your DG family?
  16. Here is my plate from 1981. The ABA had district and number. BITD we could use any color plate background but I heard after 1983 the ABA rules changed that all background had to be white.
  17. Chrome Vulcan is very rare. I was watching this auction as well. I would love to own that frame & forks but 4 grand is very steep. If it was $1000-$1500 I probably would pull the trigger.
  18. Where do we get these newer Tuff Pads??? What do they look like?
  19. I was a support rider for DG back in 79-80. I was racing a Vulcan in the Cruiser class while most racer were riding 24" Cruiser. DG promised me a 24" Cruiser but was always getting delayed because they were waiting to finalize their new belt drive system. I was suppose to pick up the new 24" belt drive cruiser at the Powerlite Nationals in Oregon but again it it was not delivered. I left DG in 1980 and I never saw the belt drive 24" Cruiser.
  20. I saw last night a Blue Shot Gun seat at $312. That is just nuts!!!
  21. I remember these bikes. I worked at a LBS and Norco came out with these BMX that looked identical to the MX-II. There were no Redlines sold in Canada at the time. I can't remember the name they called these bikes. They were equipped well with good parts. We sold hundreds of these bikes. Norco sponsored the Andreason twins and they rode these bikes. I have a picture of them on these bikes at the Freemont California National in the early 80's. Later Norco got the rights to distribute Redline bikes in Canada. The Andreason twins later changed sponsorship to Factory Redline. I assume this was through Norco.
  22. Send her a sympathy card and tell her sorry for your loss. Tell her the story that you were friends when you were kids and you rode BMX together. Say something about some good memories hanging out and riding. Even if you were not close friends anymore you should go to the service to pay respect. This is something you should do anyways. Later, things will probably will work out.
  23. Kev that looks so sweet. Is that frame from the Cruiser Capital on the Northwest, Bikefactory in Lynnwood? These were the guys to go to for any cruiser parts BITD. It was like heaven walking in the store.