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  1. Does the story mentioned here at the top still exist anywhere? I'd love to read it.
  2. What exactly your question? How many were made? When yours was made? If you check my serial number guide (http://fortyfour16.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/torker-frame-serial-number-guide/) you might find something. The number 355 means yours was the 355th of that model made. To figure out when, you need to look at the first three letters. (I need to update that story with some info I've collected since I posted it. But this will not affect your needs.) I have collected a bunch of serial numbers and all my 26" Torker SNs are in the low 100s. Yours and JT's are the highest numbers I've heard of. I'm not sure, like JT said, about how many were made. If you have more specific questions, I'd be happy to try and help.
  3. A friend of mine got this somewhere. I passed it to me to clean up. It's a very cool survivor. Missing the front tire, and the rear is a replacement, but otherwise, it's 100% OG. Looks like a bike I'd build. Other than the grips and MX1000s, all the parts are among my faves. It's how I remember us building bikes--mixed up brands, mixed up colors, de-anodized stuff. . . It's rusty and poorly preserved, but it looks like it was originally barley used or well taken care of. Pics not loading. I'll post when I can. Sorry. Frame: 1980 Robinson Pro Fork: Robinson Handlebars: JMC first-gen, need to check to see if they were cut, but I think not Grips: A'me Stem: Torker Headset: Tange MX-2 Cranks: Shimano Dura Ace, 175 with Shimano 44T sprocket BB: Sugino Pedals: KKT Lightning Chain: HKK Smoker Seatpost: Uni Seat Saddle: Uni Seat Wheels: Araya 7X (de-anodized, OG blue) with Omas Hubs Tires: N/A Freewheel: Shimano Brakes: Dia-Compe MX 1000 with Dia-Comp pre-bent lever and Scott Mathauser Finned brake shoes Seatclamp: Suntour (de-anodized and long ago polished)
  4. Nice, William. I'm guessing those are the forks you told me about? Those are pretty sweet. Hmmm.
  5. It's been a while since I last posted there. I've been crazy busy launching BOX Components and relaunching Promax under the Cycle Group Inc., umbrella with Toby Henderson. I'm basically the product designer, marketing guy, product manager, brand manager, rider liaison. . . . Unfortunately, I missed the Show and Reunion this year due to travel overseas. Even had two new JMC ready to go. Thinking it was safe, I signed up to attend the week before the show. But things changed. Bummed I missed it and missed out seeing my collector buddies. Anyway, I've been MIA, so I thought I'd share some of the BOX Components stuff I've been working on. We've been working on this stuff since January and are now testing samples of most of these parts. We plan to be selling in September, after Interbike. We'll basically launch the two full lines with 60ish totally new--i.e. new designs and new tooling--parts. It's a pretty ambitious affair. You can't accuse Toby of not thinking big. BOX Genius brake lever, long. The clamp replaces the inner clamp on ODI clamp-on grips. BOX Genius lever, short. BOX Delta stem: It has an oversize clamp to match our new BOX Maximus bars. BOX Zero stem spacers BOX Finite Carbon forks and Hollow 20-mil front hub BOX Helix QR seatclamp BOX Limit chain tensioners BOX Focus rims BOX Front End: Delta stem, Maximus bars, Genius lever, ODI grips, Finite forks, Hollow hub, Zero stem spacers.
  6. Anyone know anything about this seat clamp? Appears mid-school due to the 1 1/8" size (1.14" ID). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. My two newest. . . 1984 DY f/f/bars, raced by Bryan Dorsey (Tires have been replaced) 1982 Cruiser, FAB bars
  8. I almost went out in the rain today to see what was going on, but got busy with work and didn't make it out of the house. Keep forgetting about these. Need to get my fix. Hopefully I'll be in town April 21 for the next one.
  9. Woooooo. Sexy. So nice. For some reason, I've never come across early DA hubs.
  10. Nice build. Love those frames. Looks amazing, considering where it came from. Good job.
  11. I'm talking STAMPS, not custom etching. Look at the "T". The long cross does not line up with the cross on the "T". It looks like the letters were done with punch stamps. The same thing used to put SNs on frames. Looks like it was done carefully to get a nice consistent arch, but the pressure on the letters was uneven. The long cross was added on top of the "T". That cross is five or more "taps' of a flat punch, one after another. They even over lap. Those logos were done by hand. That's a home-made logo.
  12. I don't think it's a legit Torker product. Note that it looks like someone used stamps (the punch type) to put the Torker logo on it, then put the extended cross on the "T". The cross on the stamped "T" clearly doesn't line up with the extended cross. The thickness is different, too. Torker didn't stamp/engrave the logo into anything. It used stickers, or simply included them with their components for the user to apply or not. Stems, BBs, bars and hubs (the one set I know of) are all unmarked other than the small stickers Torker supplied with them. (Note: Post-bankruptcy, pre-Odyssey, Taiwan-made stems did have the logo machined into the top cap. But I don't consider these to be "real" Torker products. I'm a snob that way.) In addition, the design language is all wrong for Torker. It seems to me, like others have said, it's a poor design for a seat clamp. The ID of 1", however, would indicate that it was meant to be either a seat clamp or some kind of stem spacer/flex fighter like Joe said. My guess, it's a homemade (shop class project?) seat clamp/flex fighter and the guy who made it was a Torker fan. I think it's pretty neato.