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  1. have a set of high flange records on my PL-24 and a low flange on my Kos Kruiser.
  2. here are a few of my cruisers. this is my '84 Tahoe that I am restoring my '85 Redline PL-24 my '07 Redline MX-24 my '80 Kos Kruiser my '93 GT Pro Series 24 this is what my Tahoe looked like before I sold it in '98, now I'm trying to restore it to somewhat like this.
  3. hey oldschoolbmx, he's still a dork, even by association.
  4. are you coping Jason Kick's one tuff wheel style Racerbvd?
  5. Happy Birthday again, Gary. sorry I couldn't make the trip from Indiana.
  6. all of my collection is 24" and 26"s. the only 20's are for my daughter. Ed, I would love to see your CW TFL. that might be my next cruiser in the collection.
  7. hey Jay, I'm 6'7 and I don't ride with a lay-back. just jack the seat post up a little and ride.
  8. Happy Birthday to the both of you. go out and tear it up!!!!!!!!!!
  9. say it to my Face, colostomy!!!!!!!!!
  10. your a toolbag!!!!!!!!! just because you race/raced give you more authority. sheesh. so your calling all collectors out if the didn't do something to deserve their items. get a life! bitch at the seller you jag-off. I haven't raced since '85 and started collecting again in '07, so does that make me a poser too?
  11. can you believe this bullshit? call me and fight me on the phone. I'm 2000 miles plus away. it take's a real man to call me. how about you call the seller and have it out with him? he's the one that sold it.
  12. Brett, thanks for the measurements. now I have to go find a pair of old school Redline bars or something close to be that cool. love both of the bikes. Big Bob