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  1. when will Alice Cooper get his own frame?
  2. I work with way more dangerous acids and bases. He is the low down , we have to nutrialize it before we dump it. That means the caustic must be mixed with nitric acid& Nitric must mixed with caustic soda. Ferric is sent out to a specialist. If you want to be safe, just get your self some ph paper and check it till it's 7. You would have to clean slot of frames and forks before , the boro water manager came knocking. Doesn't mean you should , water will neturalize it , may take alot, but not long.
  3. That's the one! Great job bro! I've never seen one for sale . Not even sure if they are round or straight. I don't think they were sold aftermarket.
  4. would post a pic but I'm using an iphone. For $400 you can't even post pics. The best I can do is forward the pics to one of you guys to post for me. In a email. Is that not sad?!?!?!
  5. you are right, just did some digging and found a pic here at my house& also online over on the museum. It's on a Robinson missile. Not sure why Allier choose to use it? I think andy contes might have been on board as well. Like to get one for a project.it's even listed on his bike check over at ridebmx.com It is an old bike check where James aryes interviews billy griggs about Thomas ' bike.
  6. Does any seen or even heard of this? In 1999-2000, Robinson had a sprocket out. It looked very similar to the early 90's Gt overdrives It had 5 holes just like it , I've only ever seen it on Thomas Allier blue ultra box . Like to get one, but not sure if it was a one of a kind.
  7. that's what's great about building bikes, you can do whatever you want there's no rules i would post some pics of mine but this iPhone wouldn't let me! it is posted on bmxmuseum.com under username gtowndan check it out sorry for pluggn other websites on your forum but this phone is the best & worst device ever!
  8. sounds right , it is almost the same as the original one I raced. If you get a chance check those mags for any pics of jamie staff manualing and you'll see the weird weld , thanks dan
  9. more pics for referance,shit i added the same pic
  10. here is pic of the bottom bracket with out the oval weld. anybody with a monocoque please post a pic with it haro.bmp
  11. I bought a haro monocoque frame off what is often evil bay. It is fine , no problems. My problem is that I can't place what year it is. I rode one in 1998 and must of had large then a 21 " top tube , it also had a weird weld on the bottom bracket. This one does not. It does have cnc yoke and seat stay braces. The serial number on the bottom bracket reads 9703023H. Anybody know what year it is , and where is the weird oval weld?
  12. if he is selling alarms, he got to be the worlds fastest alarm sellsman! Wonder if the US Olympic commity ask him to be a Part of the team, coach or adviser ? I read mike king was in charge , and greg romero was coach . Any truth to that?
  13. i guy at our local track, hagerstown ,md (nbl) rides Steve Veltman's old bosss. he is crazy fast . it has been said that he folded over a steel sprocket with shear pedal force.
  14. no one saying he wouldn't crush the vet class, his talent stands above the younger muscle, without clips. clips are for kooks