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  1. I'd be all for a CMJ 26 I'm starting to feel the knee pain with my 24s. I picked up one of 26 snot yellow quads and I ride the heck out of it a 26 with the geometry of my AP or Dy with the most beautiful AP forks and world class Chrome Heck yes. Heck I've had my AP for what 27 years now I could cruise a 26 for another 27.
  2. I found a reflex a few years back but it was a jumble of parts. not like yours in my research on another site I found that they did a review of it in (BMXA?) at the end of the 86 year. from what I read it got fairly good reviews. I liked the fake LG's but not the CW copys and the fakelifter. They are fine alone just together it didnt work for me. Sorry I can't help you with the rims. they were long gone by the time i found it. later Hondo
  3. pics of the inside left drop out nonthing on it the right or left. so is this a frame made by GT Man himself? thanks again for the help guys.
  4. You know its a sweet Bike when the skyway ta next to it is just background filler.
  5. at the Fire dept tonight will do in the morning. They may be 7c which one had the hump?
  6. Yeah it is a euro BB and I think the top tube is 17. honestly it's been a while since I measured it. if it is 79 that may explain the lack of a serial # Thanks for the help
  7. I was digging around the shed to other night and pulled this down. I've had it for a few Years and have asked around but nothing Definitive Yet I believe it is a Very Early GT but can’t find out if it a Gary Turner old Decal or a GT Santa Anna. The Down tube is made from the same tubing stock as the forks. the early GTs i think had a tall seat post. this one is normal and the seat post diameter is TINY I’ve been told buy a few guys that it's allot of things CYC/Pedals Ready/Norco/and GT It does Not Have A Serial #. Not anywhere at all that I can find. (Not on the inside of the dropout or the Bottom Bracket but maybe it's inside the top tube ...but I have not found it) Thanks for any Help in the ID Guys Ps I found it with some stainless Mongoose Bars but if someone had the early Chromo mini bars I would be interested I also have some stainless Araya 7B's that are 28 hole If someone had the hubs that would work with this I could complete this build finally Thanks again Hondo old pics the way it was found
  8. Still got the Kuwahara? Send me an e-mail

  9. Db's Suffered fron the Poser Posse that rode the cheap beasts. I like the high end stuff they made Now. But as a kid Db was a 1 step above K-Mart.
  10. I love it. I bet she is a dream to ride.
  11. Hey I found this yesterday and was wondeing if anyone around hear could clear it up for me I think this is a 82 KYZ but I have read that to be a real KYZ it has to have the little hole on the right side gusset. thanks for any the help Hondo
  12. Thanks ROC! lots of help right there for sure!
  13. luckily was just watching from the sidelines. but your right the bottom bracket didnt have the W and #'s And I was wondering about a serial on the dropout? I thought that the bike was the real deal though. I found both of these a while ago. so is one of them a fake? NOT FOR SALE!!!