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  1. This certainly pertains to bikes and car collecting. Rust of course kills a car in short order and can lead to an unsafe driver. I disagree with Wabi-Sabi in terms of homes though. Here at least. Lol I am currently tasked with remodeling two baths and a kitchen that was fitted with crappy gold fixtures, pink with baby blue accents and off white everything. Lets just say the original "vision" had very poor wabi sabi. (wayy off topic.. my brothers old bathroom had silver walpaper with pink accents in it) ... very bad wabi sabi
  2. It looks very very similar to my Huffy Pro Lightning Tange Made Frame and Fork. In fact, I think minus the decals, the forks are identical. Although my Hufange has the Aero Seatpost/Seat tube and that cool ass brake bridge. And yes, it is a keeper in my collection.
  3. Of course. Lots of stingrays and tornados saw mucho air time in my old neighborhood.
  4. I cant tell you how many bikes.. both nice and junk I have picked up with fake cw bars. Hell I even had a torker come to me with them once
  5. I always find it easier to buy then sell. Selling has so many catches. Packing, boxing it up, and ending up with a happy buyer. That said, I am lucky enough to have my original bike hanging on my wall. Of course, I sold it, and waited 5 years to find it up for sale again in the same condition I sold it in. (thank goodness). So my vote is: Keep the ones that money is not the main factor. I will never sell my 86 Haro again, nor will it ever be for sale.
  6. Nice! I would clean up the tuffs and add a snowflake. (and I hated making my hands roast beef on those waffle grips bitd so they would get replaced too) Done!
  7. Not me, Im still here. But I have FB too. And my entry for this years BOTY is no where on the internet yet! Soo, Common BOTY 2014!
  8. Your swaps are better then mine trulyodd! I would have had a hard time passing up on that chrome s & m
  9. BOTY is a stressful time to "showcase" a bike against the superb bikes always hosted by this site. That said, my newly acquisitioned bike is ready! A few parts swapped out for higher end and better condition survivor parts, Bike cleaned and tightened in all the right places! lol. I am very pleased with my current offering this year. It has never been seen online and is not currently up for viewing on the other site! Pictures taken today! Looking forward to BOTY as always!
  10. Yesterday, My answer would have been Nope! No! Im not going to post an entry this year! Bollocks! Today? Yes, Yup, Yezzir, Ah ha, Ohhh Kayyyyy! I just picked up a fine example of a fine bike, with fine parts and some fine history. Time for a little cleaning, oh and it has era correct parts. The whole bike! And it is NOT Track Certified! So now I need to get out my sander, my Bondo and send it to C4! And get some Pork Chop parts over nighted! \\ Not! Nope Nah Na ah! lol Expect to see me somewhere this year. I may even win somepin! Huzzah!
  11. Actualy they are a gt pro bar og decals were on them as they came of an %100 od pro performer ;) Mid/new school GT bars. You can tell because of the crossbar dude. Not from an old school bike. Not even close. It is like putting BMX Products stickers on a on a Walgoose. Just calling it as I see it. The fact still remains they are NOT GT Performer Bars, and never will be. If you are in love with them, cool. But if you look at your post, I am not the only one to point out the bars as a weak point of the build. Sorry not everyone will stroke your builds here like they may on the other site.