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  1. Read through this topic today. Glad it's still available. Good info. Just wish all the pics were visible. Weyless-Reedy-Demco have always been on my 'wanted' collection list. Later settled for Helix but hope to get actual Reedy's or Demco's in the future.
  2. Will MOTOS have a show at the Grands this year? Any details? Thanks
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/345953756284918/?ti=icl
  4. Will there be another cool Grands show this year? If so, I plan to bring a couple of rides.
  5. I am in Louisiana....so as sad as the news was for California....I'm looking forward to Skyway being my new neighbor! Wife's parents grew up just north of the new factory in Miss. I really really hope the best for the new owners with great success ahead!
  6. Trades? If so, what are you interested in?
  7. Will there be a 2015 Grands show?
  8. Fantastic example of a really cool Graco! Complete with 22" front wheel of course! I still like the 22/20 idea, ha
  9. I have a red one just like it....cool stem! Also have Rough Rider bars.
  10. Really enjoyed the show and there were lots of great bikes as usual! I was preoccupied with the racing so didn't get to hang at the show as much as I would have liked. One day I will just go for the show. Got a few comments/questions. 1. Whoever brought the red Sting with the display of extras went over the top! It was MY best of show choice and a super nice job! 2. What brand v-brake roller was on the Quad cruiser retro? It was super smooth! 3. Who owned the Skyway retro cruiser? I have questions about the Hard Core stem. In fact, if anyone knows about the Hard Core brand....I have questions. BTW, I brought the GT Pro with Graphites, GT Junior, Race Inc., Mongoose Motomag(black and gold), Suzuki GVX-1. Thanks
  11. I know that it has been awhile since this post but I was talking to the Intense guys at he Supernationals last weekend and they tell me that Intense will be producing a 26" microknobby very soon...like it should be available this week through Intense dealers. They were not sure of the width but thought it would be a 1.9. It has a kevlar bead.
  12. I am old school all the way....and Gary was great....but...The current AA's would smoke the old guys even in their best form. The sport has progressed and speed and skills are better than ever!
  13. For the last year I have been running Fly Bikes cranks. You don't typically see racers using them but I think that is a mistake! Very cool and innovative. No problems at all. Check them out on their site.