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  1. Really enjoyed the show and there were lots of great bikes as usual! I was preoccupied with the racing so didn't get to hang at the show as much as I would have liked. One day I will just go for the show. Got a few comments/questions. 1. Whoever brought the red Sting with the display of extras went over the top! It was MY best of show choice and a super nice job! 2. What brand v-brake roller was on the Quad cruiser retro? It was super smooth! 3. Who owned the Skyway retro cruiser? I have questions about the Hard Core stem. In fact, if anyone knows about the Hard Core brand....I have questions. BTW, I brought the GT Pro with Graphites, GT Junior, Race Inc., Mongoose Motomag(black and gold), Suzuki GVX-1. Thanks

  2. I know that it has been awhile since this post but I was talking to the Intense guys at he Supernationals last weekend and they tell me that Intense will be producing a 26" microknobby very soon...like it should be available this week through Intense dealers. They were not sure of the width but thought it would be a 1.9. It has a kevlar bead.