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  2. I've been in contact with Linn Kastan.He said that someone had sent him a picture of this frame,but only the head tube area picture.I sent him pictures of every area of this frame and pictures of the serial # 5587 PL He is saying that it does look like a very early Redline Proline and the serial # is genuine font and all.He is saying that this frame was sold to BMX PRODUCTS(MONGOOSE) 37 YEARS AGO TOMORROW!!!!!!!He sent me a copy of the Redline Proline frame log. So,did mongoose add the double gusset???I'm going to ask him more about that in my next email.I've attached his emails.If they don't come out clear,I'll figure out how to post them better later.
  3. I'm not sure if this was the result of someone fooling around in a shop somewhere.The welds are high quality welds and they match the rest of the frame welds.If it was someone who just welded gussets on this frame that would mean that it was originally a Redline Proline without any gussets serial# 5587 PL .That would still make it ultra rare. I'm going to try to contact Lynn Kastan on this one. There are earlier Redline Squarebacks with a double gusset that do exist.I came across them doing google searches trying to figure this one out.
  4. I've been doing some research,if this is a Redline Proline it is a 1977.In 1977 some of the first ones made did not have any gusset at all.But they had issues with the bottom tube cracking by the headset,so they started adding the traditional redline gusset.This frame is identical to the 1977 redline no gusset frames.I wonder,if they made this frame and decided that the double frame gusset looks too much like Cooks bros and scrapped the whole double gusset idea. one other detail-the top tube measures 20 inches.
  5. RED LINE PROLINE PROTOYPE???That's what I'm starting to think too!Crazy!!! And I thought that I have seen everything in old school bmx.
  6. This just came into the warehouse.I had to share this one.It looks like a Redline Proline w/5" head tube,but with a Cook bros. frame gusset.Anyone know what this is?
  7. It's not a Benny,jc penny or sears.I was thinking modified '74 Kent or Kawasaki?
  8. The rear dropouts look like Schwinn or '75 Matthews.
  9. I was also thinking a Schwinn fastback transformed into this beast,but the top tube is straight not curved.I've also noticed that the bottom bracket has a high clearance.The rear dropout to look like The tires are 2.50. Rick actually bought a pre serial# Webco from me about 2 years ago.Maybe he will know.
  10. CROWN brand snowflake chainring pre Mongoose??? Or just a knock off for that time period?