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  1. ....maybe the guy knew the second cousin of the guy who built UCI tracks or something? Hey, perhaps the trend is fading abit in the NW, but just letting you know there will be at least one (or 2) sidehacks in Chilliwack this weekend. If your so inclined, dust the old girl off and bring her up.
  2. Yeah believe me, I'd love to. Our 30 and over series final is Saturday night. And I was just travelling through your fair city...oh, and were giving away beer.
  3. yup bravo-I'll be there in 41 Cruiser. Brian was saying the dog waits for him to get the hack out and then jumps right on! Thats 4 hacks in BC so far-a full gate if we all show!
  4. So you guys have fun this weekend-I'd be tempted to come down but our little 30 and over final is Saturday and we're givin' away BEER.
  5. A friend of mine has just put one together for, amongst other things,our provincial finals-he's pretty good on the camera too.
  6. Great video and soundtrack!! I have got to find a way to make it down next year-nice work puting that race together.
  7. Anybody from the Northwest coming to Kamloops this weekend?
  8. Maybe next year from Canada-this idea rocks. I'l at least order up a shirt to support the cause. Heres some Great White North fodder...
  9. Ron, thanks for the b-main idea. I think in B.C. were going to run with it- if you actually do a series this year, I'd be up for staging a Can-Am 30 and over "whatever" at Abby indoor late fall.
  10. Hey I thought a few more of you were making it up last weekend! Geesh, I even got my birthday present early this year-my helmet didn't fit so well on Sunday. Just wanted to give you all a heads up-were doing a 30 and over series this summer. Langley will be July 02 (the 1st is RFL, the 3rd our provincial qualifier)-thought it might be an easier one for some of you, if youre interested ,to get to. How was Cherry Hill?
  11. Hopefuly I'll tell ya all about it next weekend. I think a tank like that needs a set of disc brakes for starters, but I digress. On a side note, I spent a few hours helping out at Kelowna today-Billy Allen is spending a few days doing a total rebuild of the track. If anyone happens to be up this summer, it was looking quite fine.
  12. Is McCollum open for riding or is it locked up between practices? Whats up with no racing til June?