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  1. I used to possess these. NOS with funky patina. Sold to a buddy.
  2. This is awesome! I had a ‘81 GT bitd too and it was a killer bike.....Steve if you’re still chasing a blue Excaliber clamp I got you. Just drop me a line when it suits.
  3. Thanks for the invitation Steve.! Reserve a spot on your sofa please and I'll bring a 100 gallons of Vegemite, ha! It would be awesome that's for certain!
  4. It is SO impressive just how many people turned out with the somewhat ambiguity of the event happening. There were A LOT of people hanging out for this event to happen. Killer job as always S. Brothers. It seems you never fail to rise to the challenge. I bought 2 event tee's because they're bitchin' - good for me but I hope this helps out with site maintenance / repair costs too. Photo's?? Where do I look for them?? I need to see more, more, more dammit!
  5. And also the Redline Double Clamp stem......... And the Redline 16" Squareback (Pit)...............
  6. Yeah, I think Mark Mc is right. Later Mongoose bars had the pinched crossbar but were designed for a double clamp stem ( no bump). PJ1
  7. Not to derail this awesome thread but.... Truly, what happened to Oz's unpublished pics?? What's the story??
  8. Still for sale? If so, please PM me. Thank you. PJ
  9. I spy with my little eye - Jeff Bottema with the inside line, running equal third. I have no clue on the other dudes but I'm loving the fork, Brian is using too! PJ
  10. Love it. I just finished checking out the additional pics on FB. The all black look is as tough as nails and that fork is a mind blower. Great job as always, Rick. PJ
  11. The clamps are wrong for a Matthews Stem. Matthews clamps are square cornered and rectangular in shape. The clamps and bolts you have there are consistent with the stems that came on the Huffy's. There is a good chance that this is another variation of the Huffy stem which has been suggested as a possible Wald Double Clamp. Not confirmed though. PJ Still a cool little item, either way.
  12. I was just doing a bit of early morning fine tuning on one of my builds. In this instance I was doing a crank swap and thought it would be cool to take a quick shot of three early Takagi MX cranks that I have. I know for sure that the set in front of shot are the first gen. models due to them having "more meat" around the pedal spindle hole. These are also stamped "Takagi MX" but the stamping hasn't been hi-lighted in white, like the later versions. They are also finished in a different kind of black than the later ones. Following them are the more often seen chrome with "black filled" stamping and the ever popular black with "white filled" stamp. All have a center of crank stamp "T751". PJ
  13. I scourer the internet, forums and eBay all day and half of the night, in the hope of finding that elusive item or bargain. This time around I found a little of both, with a very tidy "buy it now" price. The listing was at the top of the page when I checked, so I think it had only been up for a minute or two. These puppies were incorrectly listed as a 1980's Redline V Bar but as soon as I saw the auction photo(s) I knew exactly what they were - so I pounced on them ! This is a lousy photo of the bars taken in the wee hours of the morning but these bars are in sensational condition with original finish, uncut, no road rash and no stem crimping. I will add some decent photos later today. I paid approximately 1/5th of the going rate for these - stoked !!!
  14. Just finished building these up over the weekend and thought I would add them to this thread. NOS Weinnman 20 x 2.125 Alloy Rims laced to NOS 12 gauge / .105 spokes and first gen. Shimano MX Hub for the front and All Black Bendix 76 in the rear. Moto Exotica Maximus! And fitted to my Redline. PJ