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  1. Gary

    Hey PJ. Did you still want the buy it now pegs?  IF not I will end that. I have another set bidding.

    1. PJ1


      ....and paid thank you Gary.

      It's just gone 2.30am here at the moment and I'm very tired.

      So my apologies if I come across a bit blunt or surly :Yawn:!

      Thanks again Gary and I look forward to the next installment of name that part, seriously!

      I'll drop you a line a bit later this morning.

    2. Gary


      Hi PJ.  So I am itching to put the eagle forks on ebay today.   I am not going to polish the fork legs as you recommended.

      What about just a little finger print shine on the steerer tube. Do you think that would be a sin? It's just killing me,



    3. PJ1


      Personally, I think that is the perfect idea.  It will come up like new.  Do it and list it!  Good luck!

  2. Search - Dan Gurney BMX, All American BMX.
  3. Long leg fork with Northridge decals....I would have thought 74/5 for sure! Could you please explain how and why you consider them that late??
  4. "Here’s a pair of mine. Haven’t cleaned these yet but here you go" ...................................................................................................................................... Hey dav451, Do you consider yours to be a 74 fork?? I consider mine to be a very early 75 model.
  5. Nice frame set . Bump for an interesting read and future post. Early 1975 Northridge model shown below.
  6. No makers marks that I recall. Personally, I think they would have made them in house....but that's a wild guess!
  7. I used to possess these. NOS with funky patina. Sold to a buddy.
  8. This is awesome! I had a ‘81 GT bitd too and it was a killer bike.....Steve if you’re still chasing a blue Excaliber clamp I got you. Just drop me a line when it suits.
  9. Thanks for the invitation Steve.! Reserve a spot on your sofa please and I'll bring a 100 gallons of Vegemite, ha! It would be awesome that's for certain!
  10. It is SO impressive just how many people turned out with the somewhat ambiguity of the event happening. There were A LOT of people hanging out for this event to happen. Killer job as always S. Brothers. It seems you never fail to rise to the challenge. I bought 2 event tee's because they're bitchin' - good for me but I hope this helps out with site maintenance / repair costs too. Photo's?? Where do I look for them?? I need to see more, more, more dammit!
  11. And also the Redline Double Clamp stem......... And the Redline 16" Squareback (Pit)...............
  12. Yeah, I think Mark Mc is right. Later Mongoose bars had the pinched crossbar but were designed for a double clamp stem ( no bump). PJ1
  13. Not to derail this awesome thread but.... Truly, what happened to Oz's unpublished pics?? What's the story??