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  1. Great addition Rick! Perfect!
  2. Damn! That's a great bike Jeff! Congrats!
  3. Great hangings Patrick! s that a single front Graphite Tuff I see hanging there?
  4. Can you post a picture of the welds on the bars?
  5. Can't forget Mel's image on Joe Pernice's album!
  6. Thanks for posting that picture! That's my home as well!
  7. Swapped the Tuff Wheels & spider setup for spokes and 1 piece chainwheel.
  8. I finally got another bike that I never thought would happen! 1975 Webco with all original finishes. The frame, fork & 1st. gen. Tuff Wheels came from the original owner. The rest of the parts are nice original finishes as well. I may swap a few pieces out as I find them. I’ll just enjoy it the way it sits for now.