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  1. Can't wait to see how it turns out Joe!
  2. That was truly a great local find. Purchased from the original owner. I did change the wheels due to the fact they were mismatched garbage when I got it.
  3. It's a mild steel FMF for sure. I had two fine examples both with original finishes. The red one is the only Breithaupt replica known to exist. The yellow was built once before I got it.
  4. 28 hole 7b.jpg I knew I could count on Rick! Thanks!
  5. If anyone here owns a pair of 28 hole 7Bs it will be Rick Gaytan! Please prove me right Rick!
  6. Great bike Joe! Good on you for branching out! S&M is what drew me back into bmx in 2010! I had a few nice examples.
  7. Still in the same garage in Long Beach. It's not going anywhere.