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  1. Can you post a picture of the welds on the bars?
  2. Can't forget Mel's image on Joe Pernice's album!
  3. Thanks for posting that picture! That's my home as well!
  4. Swapped the Tuff Wheels & spider setup for spokes and 1 piece chainwheel.
  5. I finally got another bike that I never thought would happen! 1975 Webco with all original finishes. The frame, fork & 1st. gen. Tuff Wheels came from the original owner. The rest of the parts are nice original finishes as well. I may swap a few pieces out as I find them. I’ll just enjoy it the way it sits for now.
  6. No. The color is consistent throughout. If they were sun faded they wouldn't be evenly colored all the way around.
  7. They look like that color. Dan Goins pulled them out of a shop years ago. We've never seen another pair in this color.
  8. Just finished this one up tonight. Mark Darcy gave me this plate years ago, it is one of his original plates. I found it in a stack of stuff in my office & had to build it! 1979 Powerlite built with mostly original finishes, I added the downtube decals. Great original paint on the frame & fork. Powerbend handlebars mounted to a 6 bolt MCS stem, vinyl pads, Shimano Tourney brake, lever & cable guides, Koolstop brake pads, fluted alloy seat post, Suntour seat clamp, Grand Prix saddle, Takagi Tourney cranks, KKT rat traps, Black low/high flange Sunshine hubs, Araya 7Cs, Suntour Maeda freewheel & Cheng Shin C-183 fat skinny tires. Enjoy! I will change the grips and seat clamp when I find something more to my liking.
  9. Thanks guys! Pat, here is the breakdown. 1979 Webco Replica Frame OG paint and stickers was NOS & built once then sold to me 1980 Tange made Webco Fork NOS Cebe Slimline Cobra Stem Wald Bars Oury Grips not pictured ACS seat clamp NOS Chromoly Seat Post Quilted Seat Ashtabula VCM Cranks NOS Takagi MX Spider, Chainring & Bolts NOS Union Rat Trap Pedals NOS Araya 16 x 1.40 moped hoops Bendix 76 High Flange Coaster Hub ACS Front Hub NOS D.I.D Chain
  10. Got this one together for Webco Wednesday.
  11. This is great! I've never seen this before that I can remember!?
  12. Thanks for the good words guys! It was a fun, but fast build for sure!
  13. So I had to come out of retirement for one last build. Joe Buffardi showed me this frame a couple of months ago after he acquired it and told me I had to build it. It’s the bike I could never get my hands on when I was building heavily. Joe basically gave me the frame and I got help from friends around the world to complete the build. After research and verification from Michael Gamstetter’s Torker serial number research, it puts this frame being produced in October of 1978. In BMXA magazine they advertised this frame until September of 1978 and then started advertising the LP. Being that it’s a 1978 it gave me a few more options for parts. The frame is original chrome with NOS decals applied. Dan Goins hooked me up with the incredible NOS TW Pro fork that works so well on this bike! It was tough to put a fork that came unused out of it’s original box on this build, but it had to be done. PJ in Australia had the wheels available and we struck a deal to get them on this bike, they are NOS steel Femcos laced to NOS high flange Shimano MX hubs with .105g Asahi spokes. Tommy Gelinas came through big time with the original uncut Redline Victory bars that cleaned up amazingly! The CEBE stem I got back from Matt Howes and world perfect for this build. Bryan Fox helped me out with the great Takagi MX cranks that have one of Dennis Dain’s original gold Takagi MX chainrings bolted up. Bill Nicholson came through with the NOS Powerlite PL-1 seat clamp and I couldn’t be happier. Michael Gamstetter helped me out with the hard to find Torker frame pad and Torker logo’d V-bar pad. eBay and my small stash of parts in miscellaneous places helped round it all off. I think it’s a really good mix of NOS and excellent condition used parts. I was afraid to start this build originally due to the fact that the frame is so clean, it makes it really tough to find parts nice enough to put on a build like this. I hope I did it justice. I am really blessed to have such cool friends around the world that helped me build my dream bike. I now need to source a red vinyl double clamp stem pad and make a space for it in my home office. Peace, William aka Larock
  14. Hey Jason! He is living on 2 acres in LaHabra Heights.