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  1. Not about flippers Brian....more about a lack or morals and being a predatory scumbag. Hell I flipped everything I had...and would do it again.
  2. Fuck that jerk off Jon...and I hope you read this too Donnie. Next time call me...if you need the coin.
  3. Near mint TRUE Profile cruiser bars-original chrome and stickers
  4. Thx for the kind words gents....maybe one of the 2 f/f sets I will keep as my 1 son's initials are GJS...not done on purpose.
  6. Well, haven't been on here that much and built my last few scoots...I had this frame for a long time-it was previously powdered White and had no fork. Had the UNI clamp setup for a while also...those rechromed as one leg peeled almost 2/3 the length. Did want to pay a lot for a paint job and hd a few cans of OEM automobile paint here the same color as my Chevelle. The site has OEM paint colors back to 1935. So that was the intent even though I wanted an orange GJS-I painted it blue as the other blue parts were too many hues-one being Blue Campy Tipos. The stickers should look a bit familiar-got them from CHROMEY. Enjoy-it was a fun to see what you can do with $50 in paint and some time. FRAME-GJS FORK-COOK Bros. STEM-COOK UNIclamp HS-TANGE MERITER BARS-1st GEN VDC POWERLITES GRIPS- AME CAMS BRAKE LEVER- BLACK HARE Trigger CABLE-WEINMANN ULTRAGLIDE BRAKE CALIPER- NOS DC 750 centerpull PADS-MATHAUSER SADDLE-MINT ELINA Super Pro POST-MINT RACE Inc. layback CLAMP-Mint Silver XCALIBER REAR TIRE- 1st GEN SNAKE BELLY FRT TIRE-MINT AGGRESSOR\ HOOPS- WEINMANN HUBS-MINT GOLD Campy Tipos PADS-VINYL Cycle Pro CRANKS-REDLINE Pinchless BB- PETES Precision SPIDER-ALLOY SUGINO CHAINRING-SUGINO CHAIN- REGINA SUPERleggera PEDALS-MINT REEDY PLATE-NEIL
  7. Thats what you get with the number .com has...Do I like all the fuktards-no but its great for a laugh and there is nothing you can do about it. This site has it's pluses and minuses also-personally the things that prevents me from adding to the info. base is I can't stand the way the R and D sections on both sites change although I understand it.
  8. /\/\/\/\ Yup set a date find a place and THATS it...if they cant make that date-there is always next year......take the work and stress out of the equation.
  9. Very true in some respect Marcos-but I have been at judged and non judge shows-the one w/o trophies are the best (NOT referring the the caliber of scoots) as I believe even if it was just a gathering the same scoots would come. If they stay home because their is no trophy they are assholes-just like those that cry they didn't friggin win.
  10. I can surely understand Steve-it is an epic undertaking and it became the premier vintage bmx event. The only thing I can add is if/when you decide to organize the event again-drop the competition aspect of it and just make it a gathering-no trophies. Just show up and hang out...the best experience I had at events were at SPRING FLING when there was not one trophy. Takes a lot of the headaches and bullshit out of the equation. People will still come in droves even w/o the contest part.
  11. The 1st one is the ESP cap and it's early 80's maybe 81ish, the circle one 83ish and the winged version is a tad later-but yes Marcos has a better grasp on the exact timeline.
  12. You never had friends pickletickler......
  13. The lack of information given is plausible deniability-personally I describe things I sell to the N'TH degree therefore there is NO room for interpretation...NOTICE my name never comes up in these stupid fuckin incidents. The idea of parting out a survivor is no big fucking deal. In a perfect world all would be kept intact. I do it also and have offered completes for a discount when in my mind the completes I owned should have commanded a premium considering their condition-so when nobody wanted to pony up the tools came out. Netted almost what I asked for the complete but kept a set of $1200 hubs and a dead mint set of White Profile pads........ It's a fact of life when some want to use the funds for other things. I passed on that GJS 3 years ago and would have parted it out myself. HOWEVER, you never see me say that parting a scoot out is bad or negative in any way-so if the midget has said that in the past to snuggle up to those here-then that makes him a hypocrite but we a more hypocrites on this planet than not.........The bike I parted was the same complete that won the survivor class here in I believe 2009. This will be maybe let go in early 2015-all og 1979 RedlineProline SURVIVOR as bought from the OG owner-yea look at the parts. IF nobody comes up with the coin as a complete the tools will come out even if it kills me..... Hey Brian you have 4K layin around to save it since I want to move onto other hobbies? I bet not-I like you a lot and have a lot of respect for many here BUT get you fuckin hands out of peoples wallets-not to mention you yourself tubbed a fuckin GTO-since we have had that discussion before when are you going to put it back to the way it should be? I know no money to do so-see what I did there. ....and the midget-for fucks sake take some time and describe your shit properly-I remember a conversation you being shocked on why I get what I get for my parts-nice pics. and a DETAILED description. You also busted my balls for those long winded descriptions. Plausible deniability is worse when it comes from somebody that's been around the block like yourself-so stop the who, what, me shit. Happy Holidays to all, Scott
  14. I am only on FB for BMX and the entertainment...