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  1. my buddy called me and said tosh 2.0 tonight is having crue jones on....i forget his real name.....anyway tune in boys
  2. chillin in the shop at central jersey bbq #2......enjoying some slam ale!
  3. hey bri...my buddy called me about the redline...it was way out of my price range!.......i don,t have any money!
  4. count me and jen in for shirts.......we wanted to be there.......see you on the 3rd!!!!
  5. i was kinda pissed!!!! i was the first emailer...he called me....i said i wanted it...the guy said he wanted to talk to the other people......and went with the guy after me because he offered more than he was asking!!! i guess i,m just a sore loser!!! i figured ...first come first served
  6. thanks for the info guys!!!! the frame is chrome and kinda rusty(needs oxy bath) and i have a set of forks to put on it...cool!!! that magazine pic helps alot!!!!! hey lee if your going this weekend i,ll bring the frame!
  7. hey guys ....i just picked up a gt frame ...seems to have the original stickers on it and they say team series..serial num...4842616 on dropout...18 1/2 top tube.....the frame looks exactly like my mach one would it have the same type of forks as the mach one? is it a high end frame? what year 85..86?
  8. i don,t have any money in the bank!!!!! but, i think this stuff is just as good this was taken a couple years ago.....now i can,t walk in there..
  9. they aren,t mint but,i love every one!!!!! most are in progress!
  10. nice job mat!!!! hopefully you will be riding it on the asbury park boardwalk!!!soon!!!
  11. i gotta go next year!!!!!!!!!! looks like you guys had a great time!!!!!!! count me in next year!!!
  12. i picked up a genral rl oz that way......50 in one hand... while the other had points! it works!!