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  1. so nice… beautiful survivor. always glad to see the bad ass survivors show up here.
  2. no serial on my 76. I don't recall one on my childhood 76 either.
  3. Hey Patrick, that looks like the greek symbol for sigma. Maybe a Izumi Sigma model line BITD? Can you tell if it's 1/8 or 3/32?
  4. Looks great as-is to me. As Steve said it looks "real". Looks like a bike that got upgraded through the years. Otherwise it would just be another era-correct GT Pro which we all know and love, but have seen a million times.
  5. Yep, R&R made BMX frames for Centurion, and Puch for a short time. The Puch's I've seen (just the steel CR-1version) all had chaingaurd tabs which are the only distinguishing feature from R&Rs or Centurions. Never saw the Harry Everts CM-II chromo before. That one is sick. Funny how Puch's marketing dept. thought the model of frame had to do with type of material used for construction "...heliarc welded CM-II 4130 Chromoly..." You should post those to the catalog and advert thread.
  6. 1972 16" Western Flyer MX Conversion 1976 R&R CR-1 1983 Diamondback Silver Streak 1984 GT Performer
  7. Don't forget about R&R. One piece of tubing made the top tubes, chain stays and seat stays.
  8. Great story, Brian! Glad to hear of the rekindled inspiration. Can't wait to see the updates!
  9. The tires would be where the $ is at. If the tread and sidewalls are in good shape the tires would probably double (maybe triple) the value of the bike. W/O tires the bike is probably worth a few hundy as a complete.
  10. Bitchin Sting-Ray, Brian! Great story and background too. Hope you find Larry soon.
  11. Beautiful. Are the decals OG? The TA cranks are a real nice touch. Great job!