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  1. I am still here, lurking in the shadows I been traveling a lot for work this year, feels like I am on the road more than I am home lately.
  2. Sorry for bringing up an old Thread BUT MARCOS - here is the proof they made Titanium spindles for Demco pedals. This is from BMX action September 1981. Read the caption on the pedals
  3. Thanks for sharing these great photos Bryce!
  4. Bryce You told me already but I think you should post how your dad came up with the name Prodyne! that is the cool missing piece of history that people do not know!
  5. What is great is your donation to the Hall of Fame for rare parts. I know you could have sold all your original Bottema stuff for major $$$. Bottema's original number 25 plate shown in picture above my post here. instead of making money off of it, you donated it all to the Hall of fame for everyone to enjoy! You are one class act Shannon!
  6. Nice Job Phil on the pictures. It was good meeting you and hanging out!
  7. I couldn't agree more Nice pick up Doug!
  8. I got the pedals from the original owner of them and I asked the exact question. He said that is how they came. if you search this site and other bmx sites Demco Titanium spindles, it seems that it was an option, even on mini pedals look at Haney's post of his mini pedals, they appear to be Ti http://bmxsociety.com/topic/27577-rarest-of-the-rare/page__st__160 JT has the same pedals on his 81 torker http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/torker/43872/ Dubplatestyle has them on his mini as well http://bmxsociety.com/topic/48837-84-hutch-lil-holeshot/ another set that sold on ebay over on martin's website http://martin-bike.com/BikeShop/slides/Demco%20Futura%20pedals.html http://www.martin-bike.com/BikeShop/slides/Demco%20Futura.html Its a good question Marcos. I would like to know if anyone knows the history on the Titanium spindle its obvious these are all Demco pedals and not the Reedy versions. Anyone else know or have any information?
  9. Here is my all original finish Demcos on my DG. They even have the rare Ti spindles!
  10. Here you go, little easier to see than in a text huh Shannon!
  11. At this last Society Reunion show I brought my bikes to display. One of them was my 26" Prodyne. As I was hanging out by my bikes, I was approached by Larry Barker's son! Larry Barker was the creator of the Prodyne and close friend with Jim Melton. As I was talking with him he asked me about my black Prodyne seat clamp. These seat post clamps are extremely hard to find and I only know of 3 out there in collectors hands. He mentioned he had a red clamp that would look great on my bike. so after a nice talk and exchange of information I was able to talk with him via email since the show I received a cool package from him today! I got a NOS red Prodyne clamp. NOS Prodyne frame decals, Original Prodyne - Larry Barker business card. Original sales brochure and dealership pricing sheet! I am super happy and I am stoked to add this stuff to my collection! I now own two prodyne seat clamps and will swap out my black one with the red one. I also learned by the literature that Larry had a Fork in R&D for the Prodyne cruisers. I do not think any sold but would be cool to see what they would have looked like! My bike with black clamp
  12. Matt, look at the link to Amazon.com I posted in the first post. that will get you directly to the frames I purchased for 6.99 each I would be interested to, if you have any left over from other events I would be interested in buying one
  13. Thanks guys. For 7 bucks a frame you really cannot pass it up! I should have had Matt sign them being the artist and all ;)
  14. I did not know where to post this but I thought it was worthy of sharing with you guys. The preregister posters are super dope in my opinion and the fact that talented Chromey does the artwork makes them even cooler. I felt that they needed framing I got these frames off amazon.com for 6.99 each. they are pretty dang nice with glass for that price. I think they look awesome framed the frames http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003GF2CQG/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00 How they look Just thought I would share in case some of you guys are looking into doing something similar to yours.