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  1. http://bmxmuseum.com/forsale/201422 If anybody just might know him on the Museum . Please ask him to message me on FB Donald Ray drummer901@att.net Email .
  2. I am really thinking about buying that year of a bike. Just who might have one for sell. I don't want a white one. BLACK one I like
  3. How about a RL cruiser like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-MINT-2017-Redline-PL-26-Adult-BMX-Cruiser-Bicycle-step-above-stock-build/202266931719?epid=20015128943&hash=item2f180c7207:g:ogMAAOSw3wVaiJod
  4. I think I just change my mind . Really I don't need another bike and it just might cost me out of my budget to buy . Redline parts are just outrange and very expensive to buy.
  5. I just have to go back too the old bmx Schwinn cruiser . Way it might look .
  6. Here is what I have wrote down .. I may can get it . That I want really know. Redline parts are very expensive these days . In between the stems Redline brute Or Suntour , Skyway Tuff II's 24' graphite in black Or the regular 24' wheels , Dia Comp brake set , Flute post , Redline crank and sprocket set Or the Maxy Cross , KKT or MKS pedals , Schwinn winner circle grips in black or clear , Redline regular flag stamp vbars Or the Stu vbars . 24 ' Tioga tires 2.125 the big ones . And the Redline 1980s cruiser frame set . To be seriously honest about it . I really don't know how much this will all cost me. Might be to dang expensive for me to buy . Really don't know . Some guys said I am looking just about $2500 for everything .
  7. I am going to build another old bmx cruiser . This time it will a 1980s RL 24 inch . Really I've never had one. Id had one but it was a 1995 mid cruiser. But I never had an old one like this . Me and Jason over on his FB page Table Top BMX . Me and him was chatting about what bike I should get. Another old Schwinn or Redline . He say the RL of choice . Really would like to build a RL . I know the parts will be kind of expensive to buy. LOL, But I already wrote it down on paper on what to buy for it. Please if y'all could help me out with the parts that I am wanted . I'll sure appreciated very much so . Thanks
  8. Man " use to be a Good ' friend of mine " i don't know what the fuck happen !!!!!

  9. Hell Yeah Nothing is wrong with Face book .... i am on it a lot these days ...Lot it a lot to ... I post my bmx stuff on there to .Nothing wrong with that .on i am still on the Vintagebmx.com to .. Face Book in the way to the "World" Now ...Just have to deal with it ..Not going away any time soon ... Peace
  10. So I said something .....Now i am getting the Shaft .Why .....WTF .....LOL Itsn't not like i said any thing Bad on here ....
  11. LOL Hear that ... Ha Ha Ha about musuem every time ..some one is all ways talking about it ,Over there. Owl want last ....I can't believe that Z has step down & out from over there .... Funny !
  12. Good website !

    Lot's of confuseon on here .....Cool website

  13. That was a great pic shot's of the Old Red Line's ....Yes ineed .. I had one to .....it was a 79/80 origianl candy apple red , complete bike .... LOL ' and now i wish i never sold it ..... Great job JT ....