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  1. instred in your subrosa dttlet me know im in nor*cal

  2. nice build gives me flashbacks of mine.
  3. I spoke to one of the old guys at S&S a few years back when i was trying to get some info on mine. the guy I spoke said that they made the Laguna chromo frames and said that they bent tubing for many of the frame makers in California. here are a couple that have had the black on it the way i got it with works replica decals.
  4. 1976 Kenny Roberts 1976 Mongoose 1976 Cycle Pro 1978 Webco 1979 Laguna 1979 S&S 1979 Redline Microline (Xach's)
  5. Here are a few of ours. Proline Master Tahoe (not a white frame but kinda white) Skyway (Xach's) Cycle Craft (Xach's)
  6. Cleaned it up and added a few parts. This thing wheelies for days.
  7. I picked this up at a yard sale. 76 goose
  8. Ok so I am taking Xach to get a pedalboard and effects pedal and I see a chrome bike at the Taco Truck. I pull up and see that it's a Kos make the owner an offer and load it up.
  9. I had a red and a white monty then got this