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  1. Thank you for everyone that voted for my rig.......this was my first BOTY and had a great experience! Hope it comes back bigger and badder next year! I'll for sure do my part to spread the word
  2. Very nice Cail.......... I am assuming OA? Can't wait to see the finished product, what is your vision? Parts and color breakdown???????? ~Mike
  3. Very cool guys..........thanks for all the info Rip, I see your lawyer forks have no bottoms welded on the fork legs. Mine do, were yours cut off at some point? ~Mike
  4. Aaaaah, I do see the head badge looks very similar Wonder what year this is? I am assuming it's a "National" model? Anyone have any info on this company?? Thanks, Mike
  5. I need help in identifying this f/f. It looks like an early 80's Akisu I but have never seen an Akisu with these decals plus the head tube gusset is different. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks, Mike
  6. Registered and I'm locked and loaded! As Warren G would say~~~~~~ Riders................. mount up!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Very cool pics and great quality! .............. for sharing!
  8. So are you asking what it is or just showing off? If asking what it is........... it is some brand of "Freecoaster". Can't tell the brand by the pic If you weren't asking then disregard my comments. Either way SICK ASS bike bro!!! ~Mike
  9. Very cool......... Bell is just down the street from my bro's house An OS race is a must now!! The venue looks like a killer set of for the show and the ramps. I haven't been this excited since I thought Santa Clause really left me toys!! Best, Mike
  10. Yup, and dirt cheap too........... a true SCORE!! Still gives me hope that one day I will fall into some shit like this!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Aggy, that is a shinning example of some UBER RARE right there!! I need my shades on just to look at her ~Mike
  12. This is actually a 3rd Gen f/f. I had an OG Lavender 2ng Gen (pictured below). The only one known to exist. Inside the bb shell is as shinny as the day it was painted. I don't have a pic of the inside of the bb handy but the new owner has some. I personally spoke to Voris about this issue. Loooong story short, he said anything could have happened with the colors BITD. If someone ordered a color that was not stock and didn't want to wait for him to fab one, he would have pulled a raw f/f off the shelf and painted it to satisfy the customer. So they did come in colors other than chrome, white and orange........
  13. SOB!! Score of the year right there. It looks like a 1st Gen. The headtube on the 2nd Gens did not pierce the head tube but have never seen where the down tubes didn't pierce the platform.