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  1. Never seen any pics or videos of him riding, but Phil Anselmo clearly had some connection to bmx...
  2. Probably just an attempt to keep the work involved in making them (and the resultant cost) to a minimum.
  3. I still need to get pics of my Torker. How many bikes is too many? LOL
  4. gaijin

    1984 Profile

    Was that a factory painted frame?
  5. 1997 Kastan Pro XL Adam Richard’s factory issued race bike This is the last bike Adam had before he died. Sadly, it is neither original finish nor his original yellow bike. This is the white bike that Snap magazine did a bike check on. Adam’s brother had it refinished in black, so I decided to redo the yellow bike (which Adam was well known for riding and he destroyed in 1996) since original finish was no longer an option. The frame, rims and spokes are all from Adam’s bike. The rest I had to piece together since his brother parted the bike out. Frame: 1997 Kastan Pro XL, factory issued to Adam Richards (refinished) Fork: S&M Pitchfork Bars: S&M Slam Bars Stem: DK XXL Headset: Dia-Tech Aheadset Seat post: unknown Seat: SDG Slim Jim Grips: ODI Longneck Brake caliper: Shimano XTR Brake lever: Dia Compe Tech 77 Brake pads: Shimano XTR Rims: Araya Super 7X Hubs: 2nd gen Crupi high flange Tires: (F) GT AA Pro, 20x2.125 ® GT AA Pro, 20x1.75 Cranks: Kastan, 181mm Bottom Bracket: Kastan “big bearing” Pedals: Peregrine sealed Chainwheel: Kastan 45t spline drive Chain: Sedisport Freewheel: Suntour, 16t Pads: UGP Plate: UGP
  6. 1987 Haro Group 1 RS-1 Frame: 1987 Haro Group 1 RS-1 Fork: Tange TRX Bars: Haro Group 1 Stem: Haro Group 1 Headset: GT Epoch race version Seat post: Tioga Seat post clamp: GT Seat: CyclePro Shot Gun Grips: 1st gen Jive Handles Brake caliper: Suntour XC Sport Brake lever: Dia Compe Tech 77 Brake pads: Mathauser finned Rims: Araya 7XN Hubs: 1st gen GT Race Lace Tires: (F) Tioga Comp III (reproduction) ® Tioga Comp III (rainbow label) Cranks: Redline 401, 180mm Bottom Bracket: Redline, loose ball Pedals: Shimano DX Chainwheel: Redline 402, 43t Chain: Sedisport Freewheel: Suntour, 16t Pads: California Lite reversible Plate: Haro Flo Panel
  7. Profile Champ Pro Frame: Profile Champ Pro (refinished) Fork: Profile Champ Pro (refinished) Bars: Diamond Back Woody Itson Signature Stem: Hutch Western H Headset: Tange MX-2 Headset lock: DK 2 1/2” Seat post: Robinson layback Seat post clamp: Odyssey Seat: CyclePro Shot Gun 2 Grips: Oakley B2 Brake caliper: Dia Compe MX-900 Brake lever: Dia Compe Tech 3 Brake pads: Mathauser finned Rims: Ambrosio Durex, hard anodized Hubs: 1st gen GT Race Lace Tires: (F) Tioga Comp III (rainbow label) ® Tioga Comp IV Cranks: 3rd gen Profile, 180mm Bottom Bracket: Profile Pedals: Shimano DX Spider: Profile Chainring: Sugino 44t Chain: Sedisport Freewheel: Suntour 16t, chrome Pads: Zeronine Plate: Zeronine Moto Control system
  8. Redlines COMPLETE bikes were made overseas beginning in 1980, that's true. However, they still continued to produce standalone framesets in the U.S. through 87, when Linn sold the company to SBS and they moved pretty much all frame manufacturing to Taiwan.
  9. Odyssey brakes sucked. They flexed like crazy. I used them for a week and went straight back to my 901s.
  10. Well, you had a Torker-made Haro question anyway...
  11. I got 7 right. Don't see how knowing when the Oz site was founded factors into old bmx, but mostly it was good. Some of the questions (like the Tuff # and Torker sn) were kinda specialized (I dislike Tuffs but love Torkers so I'm glad I got THAT one right) but overall I say good one!
  12. Not for nuthin', but if you drop $600 on a bike frame and don't know what it is you're buying, and can't be bothered to research it, you deserve to get taken.
  13. T2 serial number means it's an 82.