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  1. Pete told me a few years ago that Son Lite stole the design for those hubs from his dad.
  2. Here’s what I’ve found in my research. The 1st gen frames had two bends in the chainstays and no chainstay brace. Sometime in 85 they added a flat brace that was welded in the middle between the chainstays. Then in 86 or so they went to the single bend chainstays and the plate brace welded on top of the chainstays. Shag added rings on the head tube when he took over the company in 92, so it’s a fair bet that any CC with head tube rings is a Daytona made frame.
  3. Early production Schwinn ENF.
  4. It’s been way too long since I contributed to the site, so here goes. This bike took me about 6 years to build. Adam Richards was Kastan’s AA Pro in the mid 90s, and a good friend of mine. We rode together all the time. He died in 2000, and this was the last bike he owned. Adam was known for riding a custom painted yellow Kastan. Sadly, he destroyed that yellow frame many years ago. This is not that bike. This is the bike that Snap magazine did a bike check on in 1998. Another sad turn of events, Adam’s brother had the frame refinished in black (it was originally white and still had its original decals in 2014 or so), and had die cut silver decals made for it at the time. Then he parted the bike out. I managed to get my hands on the wheels and frame. I wouldn’t have refinished it if he had left it alone like I told him to, but once the dam has been opened it may as well look like a bike that he actually rode, right? Time to replicate the yellow bike. Kastan XL frame, SN KHP XL 03289, issued to Adam Richards and painted by Mike Bargnesi S&M Pitchforks S&M Slam bars ODI Longnecks DK XXL stem Dia tech aheadset Kastan cranks 181mm with big bearing bottom bracket Kastan 45t spline drive chainwheel Peregrine sealed pedals Araya Super 7X Polished 2nd gen Crupi high flange GT AA Pro blackwall, 20x2.125 f, 1.75 r Yellow sdg Slim Jim seat Suntour 16t freewheel Sedisport chain UGP Pacer plate UGP Flo pads Dia Compe Tech 77 lever Shimano Deore XT cantilever brake Caloi Uno seat post 26.8mm NOS Kastan chrome backed decals
  5. It appears to be an 85 or 86 Japan made Trick Star. They made a small run of them in French blue, but I forget which year. The serial should be on the inside of the left dropout on the frame, and will help with nailing down when it was made.
  6. 1982 was the only year for chrome plated Patterson Longs. The rest were nickel plated.
  7. Never seen any pics or videos of him riding, but Phil Anselmo clearly had some connection to bmx...
  8. Probably just an attempt to keep the work involved in making them (and the resultant cost) to a minimum.
  9. I still need to get pics of my Torker. How many bikes is too many? LOL
  10. gaijin

    1984 Profile

    Was that a factory painted frame?