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  1. I know where that 82 cup lives .....
  2. Mark , knowing you your built pro star is probably nicer than an original ! LOL ... That is the only size stadium plate that i have ever seen or owned. They are a smaller style plate but that is the only size that i know of ?
  3. Dan , this is one that i got from you a few years ago. The only blue that was left was inside the BB and i was able to salvage some of it and had it prophit color matched. One of the few uncracked G-Boys that made it. I never sent you a finished pic of it so her she is !
  4. Very rare stem as well. Not a square Tuff Neck but a square Pro Neck is a challenge to locate !
  5. These came out before the Redline double clamp with the stamped redline. There was one other design as well. I think this one was found in Arizona and the other belonged to Bill Curtain then sold to Tim Cook. They are the only two that i know of. It is on my FMF team bike, The NOS frame that Ed Porter wrestled from Shannon .
  6. One for the 70's guys ... Early redline double clamp stem that pre dates the main stream double clamp. One for the 80s guys ... Brand new never assembled right out of the box Schwinn Sting in candy red One for the freestyle guys. Orange fred blood quad freestyler that was UK issue only. Very rare !
  7. Jeff... I know you said "it's for Brian"...but is the 26/24 shown your's? Is this the 'ex-Haney' frame you told me you 'knew the whereabouts of' a few months ago? Of the 13 built on Sept.16,1982 I've only been able to substantiate that 5 still exist-including the one you told me that you had previously owned-and still resided in Georgia! Brian has one;Weldon has one;Brendan Brown has two;and the 5th 'lives in Georgia!' Weldon's is personalized as WELDON;Brian's is NRC DG 043;Brendan's are WADE NOMURA and NRC DG 044 and the 5th's # is 'unknown at present!' Of the 13 26/24's built,9 were numbered NRC DG 042-050 and the last 4 were personalized as WELDON,WADE NOMURA, KEVIN NOWAK and McHENRY...McHENRY was actually the last 26" frame built! Your NOS frame-and a Blue one Wade still has(number not known-he keeps putting me off when I ask for it's number) are the ONLY ones left unbuilt-at least 26" frames anyway! Gotta run... I will shoot or PM you the info on that one and a few others that i have and have had.
  8. Rodney , that blue one is STUNNING !!!! I only know of one other blue one. It belongs to a child hood friend of Bill Curtains. I think he is a doctor now but he has/had one as well. Blue and Purple are the ULTIMATE Nomuras !
  9. Dan , it has slowed down for me over the next few weeks and I am enjoying hitting the boards and sharing pics. It seems like it has been 3 or 4 years since I posted some pics so its good to jump back in. I have been hitting vintage and a few car boards that I am on as well. Its good to be back in the swing. Me and my wife was just talking the other day and I told he I don't think I have even ran an auction since last Christmas ?
  10. Gonzo , don't forget these ! This is the only NOS set in existence . Also a word of advise to all who have NOS platinum Zap's. TAKE THEM OUT OF THE BAG !!!! When the temps change the coating that is on the pads will stick to the plastic bag. Take them out and keep them in climate control conditions to preserve them. Of course keep the bag and the header card but this is one NOS item that you do not want to keep in the bag. If they stick to the inside of the bag it will peel the lettering and chrome right off !
  11. Gonzo , the Carrera pads are BY FAR my favorites ! Thats a great shot of the Family for sure. Pads are truly one of the "real" dying breeds in the bike world. There have been SOOOOO many repos made of just about every brand . A lot of them have filtered out into the community. If you havent seen or held originals it is getting harder and harder to destingish the reals VS repos. Pads are one thing that really need to be archived for the future.
  12. This is one that is not often seen. Moto pro double gussett.
  13. Brian , just for you .... 26/24 and my old chromo . Iwill shoot you some pics of a gold survivor and another polished survivor today. I am getting the parts ready for the polsihed bike. It will be my first Nomura build since my 26" in 2001.
  14. I am still around . Things have started slowing down for me so i have been spending a little more time on the message boards. I hope your doing well and love that avatar ! LOL Here are a few pics just for you ! The dead mint Shinoda purple 20" and the NOS 26" with one original untouched survivor . I will grab you some shots of a few other cruisers an original gold 20" and a chromo survivor this weekend. :GetThisDown: Note to self: Start stalking Jeff Haney. You would be able to rob me blind because I will probably be in your bushes trying to get a glimpse of the 24" Nomura !!! LOL No doubt it is one of the most significant pieces . Not just in the Nomura world but the cruiser world ! What is it about us Nomura guys anyway ? They are like Harley's .. We absolutely fall in love with them and cant get enough of them.