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  1. Bri..this is the best step by step thread! killer job dude !!
  2. no doubt !! id almost consider trading off my 84 db turbo for a set of aerospeeds. this frameset and the parts are sooo clean ! thanks for the input. i do have a deep h stem and hutch bars not pictured as of yet. id love aerospeeds !!
  3. Sandy was a great person and is missed greatly! thanks to this site i was able to talk to him!! miss ya always Sandy !
  4. thanks...cant wait ..looking for redline 401s , hutch pads and chrome arayas with hutch hubs
  5. here she is.. a beautiful pre serial # pro racer ..almost not one flaw and all original too !! progress pics to come next year
  6. yep..best site their is. i call it my second home. lotsa great people here!! been a member here for a couple years and met some great peeps
  7. Its for sure been awhile since we had a DB Harry Leary turbo thread. Anyone have one in their collection to share?
  8. Thanks C-dub..i got all the ideas from this june/85 bmx plus mag..also i didnt know that peregrine stuff came out in 85 but im going to change the tires and a few little things yet,,thanks again
  9. well..i got this green frame about 3 weeks ago and really had nothing for it. well now ive gottten all the parts and here she is. needs a white chain early powerlite bars , ame grips , brute stem, uni seat , tufneck clamp, sugino cranks , tuf nech disc set , platform pedals and peregrine mags( all i had but era correct)..thanks
  10. Congrats man !! finding them are the best for sure !! rad !!
  11. dude that ride is sic !! glad i can help man
  12. scooore !! lets same them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OSThumbsUpPeace[1]:oops...save