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  1. Finally had a chance yesterday to remove the paint . I won’t even attempt to clean up the stickers .Weeks ago I picked up the frame to put it on a shelf in my basement and the paint and part of the decal literally came right off in my hand. Even though they look like shit I will likely leave them on the frame . Pictures are right after the removed the paint . Still needs a good cleaning , but you get the idea ..
  2. Thank you . Wheels/hubs and tires are just generic no name junk . O.M.A.S American to Euro B.B. conversion cups Kos bars Probably a generic steel seat post Specialties TA crank arms Mongoose Seat Clamp Shimano 600 cantilever brake Chang star levers Mission bmx seat Pro Neck stem Pedro’s grips Chain isn’t stamped
  3. I almost never post on this site and just lurk here often . Figured you guys would enjoy this find as most people on the museum could care less. Found this Friday night along with 2 kids electric mopeds and a charcoal grill. I had no idea the bike was even there . I had stopped to see the little mopeds . The bike was buried under the grill and a piece of wood As of now I have not tried removing any paint . The decals were obviously shot to shit before the spray paint . I’m positive they will be completely destroyed with even the least abrasive paint strippers . I know if I tried putting packing tape on the paint the decals would still get mangled once pulled off .
  4. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I kept telling myself to look at what issue the stem was posted in, but forgot anyway That spy shot was from January 1991 and it was in Bmx Plus.
  5. nothing special here.90 holmes xl . thought i should contribute.
  6. jon email me at oldschl81@hotmail.com will mail you a pic of the race inc bars. :D
  7. i have nos new black race inc alum bars.those would likley be period correct for your project. as far as parts and colors go that is up to you. i spent nearly 4 years gathering all the parts i need to finish up my project.then just last week i decided to start all over again and go with a different color combination. email me or post here if you are interested in the bars good luck ;)
  8. i live about 5 hours from them ( i live about 30 mins from phila,pa) i had the same concerns about shipping my parts.pauls is simply the best. they take care of you every step of the way.they called me when my parts arrived and i went over with them what i want done and exactly what i didn't want done.they are simply fantastic!! :smthup:
  9. for re chrome jobs i use www.paulschrome.com will give you a quote through email or by phone they have done a lot of peoples f/f's and parts .
  10. get yourself a jar of naval jelly to help with the rust. you can take it one step further and go to your local hardware store or pool supply store and pick up a gallon of muriatic acid. mix that stuff with water and either spray it on or put it on with a paint brush. if you go the acid route get yourself some good chemical resistant type rubber gloves.wear safety glasses too. that stuff burns. if you get a frame re plated then let them worry about the rust.they will take care of it.i usually pay around $150-$200 for tripple plating.basically that is what you see on harley's and the high end wheels kids put on their cars today. If you end up painting the bike yourself make sure you try and internally rust proof it somewhow. spray inside the tubes as best you can with wd-40 or a similar product.there is stuff called frame saver .might want to give that a try.http://www.branfordbike.com/bikecare/bcare1.html#item3 i could go on and on regarding the subject. just wanted to offer some advice good luck:)