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  1. One word "UGLY". Pot and welding dont mix.
  2. Whitebear decals, Artwork by Mick from my originals, screenprinting from Valley Signs in Moe.
  3. Lol, well the price has certainly gone up. Best bet is. Dont buy stuff from MAlaysia, Thailand etc. 1 its probably a fake and 2 the shipping costs are absolutely outrageous, Its cheaper to go UPS to Australia and those guys are thieves lol.
  4. Nice forks Ben, love the Mighty Lites.
  5. Im very upset, my bike wont be painted in time, I wont make the entry date.
  6. Thats the shit guys, love those pics. you smiley buggers
  7. I have two DB's a Medium and a Senior Pro. They are a short bike but for me I think they ride well (Im only 5"6'Tho). I built the Medium Pro for my missus and she loves it and the Senior just cruises along beautifully, the kids always stop and stare, the gusset and decals draw crowds, no more to say really. I love em.
  8. Hey Mick I want those 2 pics as posters mate for my shed.
  9. Newest additions to the the White Bear accessories list. Arrived today, the condition is absolutely mint. Looks like its never been worn let alone raced in. Big thanks to Waza007 for the heads up.