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  1. nice one Ben. another awesome build.
  2. very nice Mick. great to see at it the show.
  3. Another cruiser for me! also finished for Robertos Show and Shine on August 1st 2010. 82 Mongoose Two Four, original chrome, Bmx Products stickers, AW27 headset, Goldstem, rechromed bars from my 82 Cycle Pro, Bmx Products grips, Dx lever, DC Mx 1000's, stamped clamped, crmo post, Kashi, stamped bb, stamped cranks, stamped spider, 39t chainring, Kkt Kmx's, Izumi nickel chain, shimano 16t sprocket, Ukai rims, Suzue hubs. Comp 3 rainbows.
  4. great day indeed. good to catch up with some old and new people. we need name tags!
  5. nice one Roc! working on this one. 82 Two Four with all the stamped bits, red Ukais, Kashi, mx 1000s, comp 3's... has cleaned up a treat. will post progress. Bringing this one to Roberto.s too Coasty.
  6. very nice. love cruisers. what bars are on this one?
  7. that kangaroo shots a classic Coasty! got rid of my car years ago. 38 and Ride this everyday to work... and this one at the local public park...
  8. nice! normally like chrome but i like the white post and bars.