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  1. hola amigo ...

  2. He did indeed call but dialed the wrong number, said member called me a day later to "chat" about the conversation.
  3. Great job guys, Hector is without a doubt a member who us willing to go the extra mile for someone else. Keep em coming Kerry
  4. Thx Patrick, she has some pretty odd choices for components but whatever makes her happy.
  5. I have two new projects for this year, the profile is my daughters and the VDC is mine.
  6. Not sure on what the rest of the guys are riding but Brian Blyther is riding a new DK F/F and seems to really like it. I'm sure Alvin will chime in soon with other info.
  7. Thank you and your family for hosting Alvin, great times Sick riding by the Hitman crew
  8. Looks good BP I'm partial to the 2nd version though.
  9. I'm in....letting the crew know right now