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  1. Both of these sets were silk screened on foil decal material. One of the sets, I had repopped some years ago by Borden Decal, who printed all the BMX and skate decals for SF Bay Area brands BITD, so I suspect quality isn't the issue. I'm still experimenting, but I gave the powder a light rub with acetone (enough that the shine is diminished, but only slightly), and the decals in those test areas seem to not be peeling after a week, so fingers crossed.
  2. I'm sure this must have been discussed, but I can't seem to find any threads. I had a couple frames powdered, and applied reproduction decals, and the decals are just pealing away on their own. Does anyone have advice for remedying this problem? Thanks! Frazer
  3. DAN! What were you thinking, parting with that frame!!! Looks like it's got a good new home, though :-)
  4. maybe a one-off. It's huge.
  5. Puppy grabbed. Thanks guys for all the info! The current paint job is rattle-can red. Haven't had a moment to try to see if there are any remnants of color under it, but there are remnants of rust under it. Any insights into colors? Dan's got a red one, and it's very tempting to be just like Dan, for obvious reasons. Frazer
  6. One of my friends has this 70's frame available. It looks cool, and I want it, but I have no idea what it is. I bet at least one of you guys does, though. Thanks, Frazer
  7. Is that nickle? I had a chrome one, but that don't look like chrome.
  8. Thank you sir Rick, I will have to investigate the underside.
  9. Can anyone make an educated guess as to the age of this seat? I'm guessing early-mid 80's, but I don't have much confidence in that guess. Trying to figure out what era build would be appropriate for it. Thanks, Frazer
  10. Also, note the grey-purple of the sky. Even in LA, the sky isn't usually that color. One more clue that the color we're seeing in the gold frame is definitely not the color that frame really was.
  11. I have some Phils that the logos are gone from (on a Hutch,ironically). I also have some NOS ones, so maybe, if you're interested, I'll get around to reproducing the Phil logo on lazer cut decal (I know, not as good, but do-able) and send you some. Can't promise anything right away, as I'm hella busy, but let me know if you'd be interested, as that might light the fire under my lazy butt.
  12. As far as I know (correct me if I'm off base), third gen Champions (the most common, by far--dropouts welded under chainstay) Were only really made for a couple years, so it's gotta be 81, 82, or there-bouts.
  13. Look at the other colors in that picture. Does that image look like the eye sees? Nope. 70's film stocks were not color accurate, and printing, fading, etc add to the inaccuracy. The skin tones in the faces are the closest thing in both color and value to the gold of the frame, and they're looking pretty orange-pink saturated to my eye. That would lead me to believe that the gold of the frame is more orange than it was in real life. I'd guess that the correct gold would have been somewhere between your current color and what appears in the picture. There's also the matter of whether all gold G Boys were the same color gold. Figuring that most small scale manufacturing from that era would/could have changed, batch to batch, there's nothing to say that the painter might not have been different for different batches, or that the same painter might not have used multiple shades of gold over different batches. Do what makes you happy, but it looks great, as is, and would also look great in a different shade of gold.
  14. Frank had the standard old bike shop owner thing, where he said, "no, I don't have any of that stuff still around...well, I do have a Cook Bros frame." Once I got back in the big room, stuff just started coming out of the woodwork. It was probably 3000 square feet. God knows how much valuable road bike stuff might have been back there, but I'm oblivious to that stuff. I pretty much made out like a bandit, and felt bad that I let him sell the stuff to me as cheaply as he did. The one thing I regret leaving was a big box of about 25 sets of NOS KKT rattraps, but at the time, you couldn't get $10 for them on ebay, so I only took a few sets. But I digress, since this is supposed to be a Champion thread. I'm just glad a collector got his Champion, because an old ugly frame covered in soot would have been trashed when the place got cleaned out.
  15. Joe's sense was that the girls version was, essentially, a one off (or maybe a two or three off), definitely not a production model.