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  1. D00000000000D! That bike is SO awesome! Killer build for sure. That Teac is sweet too, I just started cleaning my 70's Revox reel to reel, haven't done it in like 12 years.
  2. Those are all dope, love the Race Inc especially. Nice work Brian!
  3. I had an Akisu frame that is pretty much identical to that chrome one. Yeah, Vista was lower end Columbia stuff, one of my local shops BITD had them.
  4. April 82 I bought a Shotgun II to replace the Kashimax on my ProAm that I broke when I cased a jump off of a car hood propped on a fallen tree (Yes, Staten Island trails were kinda ghetto) with my Easter money from my grandmother. Pretty sure I asked for it specifically, because I thought it looked cool on one of the Cycle Pro team dudes bikes at one of the later 81 nationals i attended. At the time I loved Snake Bellys and coordinated my cycle pro tires, saddle and pads all in blue. My folks have a picture of my Panda in that config from my first race of 82 season a month or so later. Compared to the Kashi Aero, this was a way more comfortable saddle for me, being a little more flexy, but I am pretty sure the saddle only lasted me a season or so (again, sketchy trails, and lots of bad landings).
  5. Tony- That thing is the shiz! Such a cool take on a classic. I've wanted to do a kick back Schwinn since I rode yours on the Strand back in '05 during the Gonzo's BBQ week, with Keith era Black Flag booming of the porch of the beach house. I'm going to make some calls to my local Schwinn guys, and see who has a hub/wheel and a base frame to be my lockdown distraction build.Hope you are doing well, Tony. Anyone hear from Mux or CK the past few years??
  6. Sad to hear of his passing, in all the years I never heard a someone say he wasn't a great, down to earth guy. One more SE soldier on the starting gate in the sky. Love and respect to those he left behind.
  7. Damn man, I am weighing the pros and cons of a trip to Corona-fornia pretty hard right now.
  8. also, somebody was 20+ years ahead of the brakeless trend, I guess. pic from when I had one for reference
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283798141178?ul_noapp=true 16.5 inch TT top of seat mast looks long Mini??? Sadly "my" ProAm lives with it's new daddy now, and I don't have one for reference, but comparing pictures, the seat mast over the top tube seems longer, TT more sloped, and I can't imagine how this guy measured the TT to be 16.5, as I'd be banging the f out of my short legged knees on something that short. Anyone with a ProAm in the stable confirm this to be mini or pro size??
  10. could be because most repro stickers people are selling are absolute crap too.
  11. Bad ass rootsy Webco. Dumbest thing I ever did is trade the Webco I won in a raffle at Gonzo's BBQ for a low end ET while very drunk. Wish I still had it.Any old heads that were there know who the hell I traded with? I think it was Willinois.
  12. Great read, and epic history lesson. Those 2 Cook's' are super moto.
  13. I had one of those in late 70's. Very high quality, and more expensive than a similar bell when I got mine. They adhere to the SNELL standard, which has always been more stringent than the DOT ratings, so that's what my parents plunked down the cash for when I got my first new motocross bike. Of course I got the face mask to go with it, and covered it with Fox and DG stickers within a week.