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  1. Maybe Pacific era "Wal-Goose"? That's no pro class IMHO, never seen numbers like that on any 80's era 'goose. What's under the silver rattle can paint?
  2. cool ride. That was the second bike that got me back into BMX in the late 90's. I bought one new from the shop the day after the Mach 1 I got at a yard sale was stolen on the mean streets of NYC. This one got vicked like a week before 9/11, locked up in front of the theatre I was working during a performance of "Bat Boy, the Musical". Bike/horse thieves should be drawn and quartered.
  3. soon come.... once I'm done with this Commodore 64 based time machine I've been working on, I'll hit Ralph's, Wheels & Things and Melton's shop and OWN the collector world
  4. 99% sure my buddy Larry (SchwinnySchwinnSchwinn) has one of those in a case at his house. I'll hit him up and see if he has a pic.
  5. Probably my most cherished piece of BMX memorabilia. Rick was a special guy. He and I probably only talked a dozen times on the phone, but that man taught me some serious life lessons. At the time we were speaking, i had just moved out of my house and only saw my kids on weekends, and it was a hard adjustment for me. Rick taught me a lot about being a dad, and a proper man in general. I will always remember the lessons he sneaked into our talks, and will cherish the talks we had. Deeply missed....
  6. PandaProAm420

    Torker 2

    Torker 2 540 air for reference