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  1. soon come.... once I'm done with this Commodore 64 based time machine I've been working on, I'll hit Ralph's, Wheels & Things and Melton's shop and OWN the collector world
  2. 99% sure my buddy Larry (SchwinnySchwinnSchwinn) has one of those in a case at his house. I'll hit him up and see if he has a pic.
  3. Probably my most cherished piece of BMX memorabilia. Rick was a special guy. He and I probably only talked a dozen times on the phone, but that man taught me some serious life lessons. At the time we were speaking, i had just moved out of my house and only saw my kids on weekends, and it was a hard adjustment for me. Rick taught me a lot about being a dad, and a proper man in general. I will always remember the lessons he sneaked into our talks, and will cherish the talks we had. Deeply missed....
  4. PandaProAm420

    Torker 2

    Torker 2 540 air for reference
  5. Steve, so happy for you, truly living the dream, surrounded by good people, in a beautiful place, and doing something you love. Best of luck with this new chapter.
  6. shout out to the Darksiders that are still down wid it.
  7. TO- you should see if you can do a recreation of that cover with an old whip festooned with a grip of old steel tied precariously to it out front, that would be dope AF, as the kids say.
  8. like anything collectible, it's worth whatever someone else is willing to pay for it at the time you put it up for sale. Just because "the last one on ebay went for $XXX" doesn't mean yours will. Collector markets are unstable/fluid. For example, sell it around tax refund time, and it's probably going to net you considerably more than if it drops for sale after the holiday season. It is a rare, really cool bike, and I'm sure you will have no problem selling it, just don't think this thing is your retirement plan. Cool that running into this at a rummage sale re-sparked your interest into old BMX, I don't doubt your PM box might get bombarded with offers of trade for really cool mongooses, and if that is something that might put a smile on your face, go for it. I'm sure somebody out there would dig the shit out of cleaning that bad boy up and adding it to their collection. Good luck, and don't forget to hit us back and let us know what ends up going down. Peace, Drew
  9. those are all pretty cool. Big bespoke action figure market out there. Hope Oz sees some $$ and whoever owns the Plus trademark, but doubtful.
  10. San Dimas High School Football RULES!!!
  11. PandaProAm420

    Baller Boss man, love the build!
  12. Already seeing cost of stuff going up, when I went to order some Krypto locks for my shop, and the prices were up somewhere around 20% from last time we ordered them.
  13. Ah, the days of TRUE SCHOOL BMX. Before they paved the berms, groomed the dirt to perfection, and sucked all the ROOTS out of this sport. Gimme a trail over a "track" any day, with puddles, and old car hoods for jumps and I reconnect with that inner child in a way only 2 wheels and a few good friends can.
  14. PandaProAm420

    1979 Panda

    love this bike. Was this originally green? So few green ones out in the wild