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  1. could be because most repro stickers people are selling are absolute crap too.
  2. Bad ass rootsy Webco. Dumbest thing I ever did is trade the Webco I won in a raffle at Gonzo's BBQ for a low end ET while very drunk. Wish I still had it.Any old heads that were there know who the hell I traded with? I think it was Willinois.
  3. Great read, and epic history lesson. Those 2 Cook's' are super moto.
  4. I had one of those in late 70's. Very high quality, and more expensive than a similar bell when I got mine. They adhere to the SNELL standard, which has always been more stringent than the DOT ratings, so that's what my parents plunked down the cash for when I got my first new motocross bike. Of course I got the face mask to go with it, and covered it with Fox and DG stickers within a week.
  5. My guess is department store special, due to kickstand plate. Better pic of the front and rear drop outs and that plate behind bottom bracket would help. Where was serial? Under BB or on drop out?
  6. That's perfect now, looks like a wheelie machine!
  7. Coaster and three piece crank is like a Yugo on Cragars, unless it a freestyle bike.
  8. Loving it! Super rooty. What are the grips?
  9. I think we will all live without a BOTY. Enjoy your holidaze everyone.
  10. Didn't the Elliot actor just get a DWI or drunk and disorderly charge like 2-3 weeks ago? Vaguely remember hearing that.
  11. Maybe Pacific era "Wal-Goose"? That's no pro class IMHO, never seen numbers like that on any 80's era 'goose. What's under the silver rattle can paint?
  12. cool ride. That was the second bike that got me back into BMX in the late 90's. I bought one new from the shop the day after the Mach 1 I got at a yard sale was stolen on the mean streets of NYC. This one got vicked like a week before 9/11, locked up in front of the theatre I was working during a performance of "Bat Boy, the Musical". Bike/horse thieves should be drawn and quartered.