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  1. I saw one at the Reno national last weekend and it was pretty sick, never herd anything bad about Yeti stuff. Cheers
  2. Here are mine, that are built. I have a couple more 20" frames
  3. Hey Doug Sounding like the used cars sales man these days..lol see you soon! going to post on my 26" supercross? see you for the cobra ride I hope Ed
  4. welcome to os The intense seems to be a popular bike these days. GHP is also a good choice for a 24" Have Fun is the most important thing!
  5. Hi all This is my new Supercross evo g6e 26" ride. I want to give a big thanks to Proctor from BigHorn BMX for setting up the deal and to Bill at Supercross for letting me get this frame. I was riding a 26" quad and I love it but I wanted to race a " new school" 26". This bike is amazing! With almost all the same parts it is 3lbs + lighter than the quad. It is really like a 24" size wise but with 26" wheels! I am still getting used to it but I love the feel. I plan on changing out some parts soon to lower the weight more and get the "look" right. Again thanks to Greg and Bill. I think a 20"envy pro xxl might be next. Cheers The 26" Quad is still built but a fun bike now
  6. Had a good run on the 20" at the Black Jack Nationals. Second on both days 41 and over Inter. Didn't make cruiser mains though, that class is tough. Had a blast though. Best track in a long time I think.
  7. This is my current race bike. 26" quad & LG. sun rims chris king hubs 17t rear cog chris king head set s&m cruiser bars paul brakes & love lever profile stem and cranks- ti spindle- imperial 36t time z pedals profile seat post clamp kenda sb8 tires 1.95f 1.9r maxxiss super lite tubes it now has odi ruffian grips and a selle italla seat I raced Saturday afternoon at bighorn in Reno, 1st in a total points race. It always gets a lot of comments and compliments where ever I go. I love this bike,it rides really nice but it is really long in the rear end and almost imposable for me to manual. I am in the process of getting a super cross evo 26" frame and forks. Looking forward to riding a shorter and lighter bike.
  8. here is my collection of built quads front one is 26"
  9. this growing group of riders is now known as "the cobras" more to follow cheers
  10. Here is a link to Jon's web site thursday bikes I don't have one yet, but i have herd good things. I put a deposit down one time and when I could not complete the deal, Jon returned the deposit no problem. He is first class and easy to deal with. I look for ward to getting a Thursday soon. Cheers
  11. No haven't weighted it yet. will get it by the LBS this week.
  12. Thanks guys Doug, Looking forward to seeing you there, will all the girls be racing? I think I am going to bring Olivia with me. ( not to race though) Bravoleader, Yeah I will pick up the bar ends in Reno Cheers
  13. Hey All, Happy New Years I put this together to race this season. It is a 07 loop # 102. It had a lousy finish on it so I stripped it down and polished it ( on going job) I need a new sticker set for it. It had the baby blue shadow type, if any knows where to get another set please let me know. I didnt see anything on the SE site for stickers. Cheers