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  1. I think it is up to each rider old Schwinn's ride well kinda like a Bassett just look around not to a dick but it's kind of a open ended question just depends on what you like I guess..it like when someone says when they describe there bike (It's really fast) kinda lame it's only as fast as the guy pedals the thing so really it's only as comfortable as you build it.
  2. Redline of course.....Bassett dabbled in motor cycle aftermarket parts a little bit.
  3. I'm not positive but the last pic with the three guy's # 696 looks like Freddie Desota Before he turned Pro skateboarder..He is from long beach and was friends with everyone @ pedal power in the early days...just a guess not positive. He also hung out @ the Y in orange and the BIGO skate park in Orange . This is Freddie after he stopped racing BMX....early eighties 80/82ish.
  4. Found out from Ward Bassett that Chuck Rodgers (Bassett Racing) passed away today.
  5. That is after GT bought Robinson the rear loop is how they got rid of left over material (instead of a full loop)less cost they came in red black white chrome....if you notice they shift in the industry around 87/88 not to many loop tails because you can make one side of the rear end of a bike and invert the tube and there's the other side... less tubing to bend = less cost.also if you notice rear dropouts are different than earlier bikes not sure if they where left overs?
  6. The guy( Kevin) knew he is in possession of stolen good's he admitted that to Woody.
  7. Woody has been contacted by law enforcement the original thief has beat the statute of limitations but the guy selling is in possession of stolen goods and because of the value it's a felony for which there is no statute of limitations just trying to sell them is a felony... AND HE IS KNOWN IN THE BMX COMUNITY you can check facebook for his name and location..
  8. Don't know if any of you guy's have heard but there's a douche bag that has Woody's bike part's that were stolen from him back in the day and he's trying to sell them on the internet,Woody has contacted him... and he is trying to make a profit off of this anyone who think's they can help ...at least let everyone know this is a F%$#ed up deal goin down and let's at least make so no one else buy's this stuff ( make them worthless on the open market)!!!! Also let's get this out to the other bmx web site's.
  9. Voris Dixon did not create the powerbend bars( Jeff Douglas ) did He was an employee of powerlite.
  10. I got into it for the love of bikes, in the first five years I had over 20 bikes about half were bikes I had as a kid I just got burned out with the whole money grubbers thing and decided to reinvest in other hobbies but still have a hand full of bikes (daily riders).Someday I go back to bikes I really enjoyed the hunt for f/f and parts that was more fun than the build.
  11. Same family but they never liked to be called one in the same for some odd reason....I just remember going there in junior high it was around the corner from my school the store was before CW really took off.
  12. That freestyle crap you speak of is what keeps and kept BMX alive for all these years. Food for thought?
  13. I have been waiting for awhile to post something about this First off if Paul Bassett doesn't own Bassett racing or the right's to the name Bassett racing He is partners at Bassett performance in anaheim and they don't have any legal right's to sell or reproduce anything Bassett thats why the new bike's are not modeled after the originals and they aren't even mfg this round of bike's they are being done by someone else Chuck rodgers still own's Bassett Racing they closed the doors for lack of money but he is still doing fab work like he did back in the day just not bikes all the crap on ebay about paul Bassett doin the fab work is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.