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  1. I've never seen a Nomura in person, and don't even remember them back in the day. The frames look beautiful though.
  2. Ano green is bad ass!
  3. Oakley 3's were comfortable when sitting down, but not so much when you were standing on the pedals while racing. They did have one thing going for them though.............that super gummy Oakley rubber. I would rank the Oakley's like this. #1 Oakley (original) Best grip when worn in....hands down. #2 Oakley 2's #3 Oakley .5's #4 Oakley F1's #5 Oakley 3's #6 Oakley B-1B's
  4. I'm really glad I was able to make one. Good atmosphere, good builds and great people.
  5. That frame is bad ass! Is the top tube two stamped pieces of aluminum, like a semi monocoque?
  6. Tough call. As you know, I had my original finish RA24 repaired so I could ride it, but probably wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for that.
  7. Ill take the bikes. I dont have to take the wife too, do I ?? That's part of the deal dude................sucker!!!
  8. The stuff I've collected is fine right here, and I've never thought of it as an investment. There are some items I wish I would have never sold, so maybe I'll be able to get some stuff back. I told my wife to get a hold of Mr. Hays when I pass, so I need you guys to make sure he doesn't give my shit away......lol
  9. I like old school colored tires, because that's what I rocked BITD.
  10. Very nice Brian! What pads are you going to go with? A buddy back in the day had a ball burnished PK with black Tuff's and camo pads. Thing looked bad ass.