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  1. Here's a photo of mine. I purchased it about 20 years ago in the Oakland hills for $150.00
  2. I wasn't implying that you're build wasn't cool. I just dig the old paint.
  3. You can't print 3 trillion dollars and not expect it to have an effect on the value of your money. It's not that the parts are worth more it's that your dollar is worth less.
  4. Don't ruin that frame. It looks bitchin' just the way it is. BTW your forks are bent.
  5. Nice find. I used to have one. I got it for Christmas in 1965 or 1966. It was long since gone so I built one up similar to the one I had. I have decal sets in black or white. The original water applied type. If you decide to restore it.
  6. I've heard he still has two NIB. drool
  7. That's all we know of? Very surprising.
  8. # CF 011 Adam Cox (jmc/ace) # CF 039 Roc # CF 059 Dunphy1 # CF 112 Roc # CF 187 Spike # CF 189 John Wells # CF 200 Roc # CF 240?/250? DAN # CF 258 Roc # CF 259 Bill Curtin # CF 264 Cecil Yother, Jr. "cj" # CF-? (filed) Roc # CF-? (filed)Spike
  9. No kidding, no wonder no one can find them they haven't looked at your house. I guess with a production of less than 300 that probably has something to do with it too.
  10. # 011 Adam Cox (jmc/ace) # 264 Cecil Yother, Jr. "cj"
  11. I am starting a "Champion" registry. This is for the original run that was manufactured by Schwerma. I think it would be best to keep them separated from those that were built by other manufacturers later. The idea will be to cut and paste the list and add your name above or below the appropriate number along with your name. I think the addition of photos will be fine as long as we don't lose track of the number list. I'll get the ball rolling. #264 Cecil Yother, Jr. "cj"
  12. Unfortunately, that alone won't do it it only burns about 110 calories. Unless you're really really really really really active, you'll need more than that. I am lucky I am in California and the weather is much more forgiving. I try to ride hard 3 times a week. That and a couple of work outs at the gym weekly. My diet sucks and would be the biggest improvement I could make.
  13. Thanks all. They look like forklifters, but I don't know how to tell for sure. I looked at some forklifters on eBay and they looked shorter, but identical other than that. I toss up some photos of my other bikes as time allows.
  14. I am glad I didn't get to aggressive on that jump in the trees. This happened last night bunny hoppin' It forced me to upgrade from the Maxy-Cross cranks I had on it to the Redline's that were on my MX2 which is getting a facelift.
  15. I am new to the site. I recently rode on the Vander memorial ride with a bunch of guys I used to ride with. Darren introduced me to the site. I am diggin' getting back into riding. It's been a while since I have ridden this much. Thanks for the invite Darren! I have about 5 bikes total. Schwinn Sting Ray late 60's early 70's 26" Schwinn beach cruiser 2 Redline Proline early versions Redline MX2 First edition Champion Here is a photo of my daily rider.