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  1. I sold the guy the NOS set of CBR triple clamp forks above and have my last pair on eBay now.
  2. Jeez, this is a cool thread. Thanks for all the great research.
  3. Hey man, Haven't been hiding, just been into other hobbies and family stuff. Lately I've gotten an itch for some new bikes for the family so im building up a couple of retro Cruisers. It's fun to come onto the sites after being away for a few years, I've seen a ton of amazing bikes that have surfaced.
  4. Hey Dan and Scott. Dan, you're right. Scott Bender had an incredible collection and was a super cool dude to talk with. He didn't follow trends, he collected stuff that others weren't even aware of at the time. I used to call him at his bike store years ago and trade parts with him. (Remember the early days when not much was for sale? The only way to get something was to trade) I haven't logged onto thse sites in a long time. Very cool to see you and Bender here.
  5. Excellent! I've got an orange "b" model that I'm in the process of restoring (it's actually been sitting in a box freshly powder coated for several years) Any suggestions how to properly re -do the seat, it is pretty ripped up?
  6. Thanks man. I haven't been around in years because I've been into other hobbies and family stuff. Been visiting the vintage sites lately to get ideas for a couple of retro "26 builds that I'm working on. I'll dig up some pictures of the CBR #01. I sold it several years ago when I came to the realization that I didn't really like riding my CBR cruisers, the geometry was comfy but not that fun. Here's a link to the bike. CBR #01
  7. I just found this very cool thread. When I visited Big Daddy Ralph many years ago I was amazed at how much he custom ordered his parts for his shop. He had the Cook Bros. make his 1st generation CBR stems in chrome. I still have some nos examples that I got from Ralph. Ralph didn't like nickel..... The CBR cruiser serial #01 that I also got from him had all of the CBR parts gold plated. Billy McIntyre once told me that the employees customized decals and just about everything else, so it seems that just about anything could have gone out the door.
  8. And I'm a dummy he offered to sell it to that didn't buy it. I still kick myself... BTW, I love the old cafe bikes. When I was a kid in the early 70's a guy pulled up next to the family's sedan and I look over and see two cafe bikes. The guy on the Kawasaki smiles at me and then takes off from the light doing a small wheelie that carried the front end for a long time. I have never forgotten that moment...
  9. I have a Gurney just like this. I posted pics over on vintagebmx. Is this an updated version of the old OS-BMX site? (I couldn't find it but a search brought me here)
  10. My Grandmother was the person who helped me the most. She would take me downtown to look around at the bike shops which were funky old locksmith/bicycle shops. Every few trips I would get a little part for my bike. I remember how happy I was when she bought me my redline double clamp stem because my handlebars kept slipping. I also remember her writing the check to mail-order my Factory Plate directly from Bob Haro. In addition to Grandma's help, I mowed a lot of yards and traded with friends. One friend always had to have the latest trick stuff in that month's BMXA so I would get his old parts. That's how I got my redline forks, Atom hubbed 7B, and other trick goodies.....
  11. Billy, What was the design inspiration behind the "cooling fins" on the forks? I can't remember what you told me years ago. They look super cool. Thanks for the stickies!!
  12. Yeah, I used them to build a set of wheels. They loooked awesome! Thanks again. G.
  13. Bill, RacerBVD, the guy who posted the first post of this thread is named Byron, too. He's a cool and crazy guy out of Florida that collects old Porsches. BTW, Did you talk on any of these threads about the air-cooled forks on your CBR cruiser and the inspiration for the design?
  14. WoW! What a freakin' crazy story. Byron, I can't believe you helped Billy get his bike back. VERY COOL!!! I had a bike stolen as a kid, but the worst was when a thief stole my little sister's motomag goose. I found it but the freak ground the serial # off so the cop wouldn't do anything about it. I hate bike thiefs!