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  1. ^ She's here but not assembled. I'll probably keep her as a F/F set for display. Rob
  2. Yearofthecat ... Is that you Chris ? How are you ? Rob
  3. Like I said Scott deserves all the glory ... If I told you what I paid you all would cry. Greg Hanna agreed with me that this was worth twice of what I paid before the goodies. Rob
  4. It's my honor to resent to you my only true race bike from BITD. This is Scott Long's 3rd Tripower Thruster he rode. I acquired this from him a few months ago and it took sometiem to get get it just right. This is my most prized piece in my collection. I didn't recieve this bike as seen but added ... Sunshine 1st gen sealed hubs NOS Asahi spokes Campy cranks w/ YST sealed BB Shimano Tourney brake system NOS Kashi aero NOS fluted seat post The big thanks goes to Scott for selling her to me. This was the cleanest bike I ever bought. Scott kept this bike spotless. Thank you Scott ... Rob
  5. Nice ! Real nice. So what years were these made ? must be at the earliest '93 ... Rob
  6. cward, You must be checking out the crowd here ... Anyone who's been doing this for sometime has gotten good deals and bad deals. Ebay is set up for people to get the highest bid. Unless they put a reserve on it they get what they get. Last time I felt guilty was when I got screwed on eBay ! Local deals rule ... I'm ready to do exclusively local deals only. May I ask Sir have you ever gotten screwed on a deal ? Unhonestly described item or damage hidden or not mentioned ? Or something that was simply never shipped ? Answer yes to the last 3 and come back let us know how you feel. Rob
  7. Where did you get such a nice rare frame at ? That looks awesome ! Rob
  8. This bike looks killer Kerry. Normally I'm not a fan of various colors but they all blend so well. That F/F/bars is in killer condition. What was chomey saying about the geometry being different from the Amercian frames to the Jap frames ? I'm curious if you don't mind sharing ... Rob
  9. I believe someone already coined the proper term : "Obscure" And it wasn't me.
  10. When I spyed this beauty for sale I had to have it. It was priced fair and I knew after talking with the seller all it needed was a good cleaning. A few hours later and this is what I got. '93 Elf Coublecross Pro F/F in candy purple. She was actually described as blue but some fading or maybe that's how the hue turned out BITD ... I honestly don't know. The seller had a set of Black widow pedals as well. Much to my excitement I also found a set of Black Widow cranks and bought them as well for the build. One thing I did discover and I'd like to ask you mid school gurus is I noticed how mine has the serial number stamped on the inside of the left rear drop out. Another one I seen dated 94 had the serial number stamped externally on the rear drop w/ it's frame length as well "P" or "xl". Mine has no sixe stamping but is 19 1/4" or pro length. Well anyway here are the pics... Rob E.
  11. What really is a score ? I had thought for years it was a nice vintage piece at a dirt bottom price. In the past six months I bought a few rare pieces paid less than going rate but not true scores as I would define it. Five years back was probably the biggest growth spirt the hobby took so everybody was buying and selling hence there was alot available on the market. Now people are realizing there truely is only so much vbmx out there. With the realization of that people are hoarding what they have realizing if they sell something they are likely to not find another one. It blows my mind to see the quatities listed on the museum site. Like 50 Webcos for example. I had 2 now I'm down to one. That is definetly a unique Raleigh as I've never seen one yet. Rob
  12. No knurling. No hole in end. 8 1/2" rise Center to center(not to the cross bar either.) 26 1/2" wide. Cross bar is center to center 6" high off of the stem clamp area. Cross bar diameter is slightly more than 5/8". It's looking just like you DB Pro bars to me. The Pattersons look more squarish. Rob
  13. Lee if these are DB's then they are pro size. I have never seen a set of DB bars this size ... but I'm still confused. You know what they look like what would be on a HL Turbo ... no ? Hmmm. Now I must go investigate. Rob
  14. What puzzles me is the following. The combination of traits. Thicker cross bar w/ non knurl. WTF ? That's like a oxymoron. Usually as the bars got newer say '83 ish the cross bar diameters got larger but they also knurled them. The thickness of the tubing is thin and lite so they must be chromoly. Very nice flowing tig welds ... not quite a laid over stack of dimes but still tig NOT heli-arc for sure. Sweet chroming job no flaws. I don't know what the hell they are but they are going on something ... '78 Robby !