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  1. :25: Untrue bro,I have an 84 GT 24"survivor,It has neither holes drilled in the dropouts,Top tube not bolongna cut at the seat tube end & unstamped also, Just looking out bro!! :40: Sweet f-n ride bro! Love the ratt traps.
  2. :18: Looking good bro,keep up the good work,glad she went to a good home!
  3. LOL, Nah it just went down like 5"ins I got to clean out the seat post tube theres a little rust. Did want to force it even though I did a little but I greased it so it still came out fairly easy.
  4. last Pic. for today,it was fun & smooth building today! Eddie
  5. :Bling!: Finally buit today :40: vintage JMC frame,fork,& long seat post vintage 401 single pinch cranks vintage Suntour Pro pedals & pro stem vintage Wiemann rims, laced with stainless spokes, to bullseye hubs NOS GT Andy Patterson bars & toadstool grips NOS Black Kashimax areo seat OG seat guts NOS CompIIIs Green & silver label & 80s LHR inner tubes NOS KMC black & chrome "Z" chain NOS X-Calbier silver seat clamp NOS HATTA head set NOS JMC frame & stem pad NOS Deluxe Horng-Jia rear silver brake set Dont worry about Horng-Jia they are the guys overseas who build Hutches,Redlines, Dianond Backs, GTs......................
  6. Then the problemo :6: the bering are still visible & it was tightend down all the way.
  7. pic #2 The Hot Wheels Weimann 7b style rings, Stainless steal spokes, 2nd generation Bullseye Hubs, nos comp IIIs & LHR tubes :40:
  8. Ok I got My 80'JMC Black Shadow on Friday I would have posted then but ran in to a problem,The auction stated, " the only damage on the forks is on the fork tube , there is a small gouge around the tube below the threads wich will never be seen when mounted and will not effect the mounting of the forks. Well that was not true at all The small gouge around the tube was NOT below the threads it actually was on the threads 3/4 down the tube, & it certainly did affect the building of the bike I was triying to install a nos bear trap head set it would not tighten, I contacted the seller, He replyed pretty quick & offered some solutions, but I new the part needed was a Hatta head set & i found it this am so here are some pics Like I said started friday but than came to an immiedeate stop! Here are the tires & tubes, Nos green & silver lable comp IIIs Nos LHR(83') tubes
  9. :51: Nice build, I'm glad to know I wasnt the only building a JMC Black Shadow today,Yup Building os BMX & BBQ'ing :40:
  10. :32: Glad to hear you are doing good Mr. Melton God bless you & your family! Eddie
  11. In came out killer bro, :51: Know dont go selling this one! :40: