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  1. I was taking a photography class in High School so I took the action portion at one of our local tracks. A few of them I took from magazines and double exposed them but the other riders are: Gary Croskery in the first two he was the first in town to roll up on the DB Turbo Max Huth----Mongoose Magazine Steve Yamamoto---Don't remember what bike he is on since he always seemed to have a different one. Max again-----Mongoose Magazine Kelly Roker----Jag 24" Magazine Max again, he was one of the smoothest riders in town and was only 14-15 years old.
  2. Here are some from the Redline BMX Challenge in Thousand Oaks Ca. Tim Tracy took the record Bunny Hop contest. He rode a Rhino III and I had a Shogun which was the exact same frame and fork so I re-stickered mine as a Rhino III. His folks own the shop I bought it from so they had extra decals that they just gave me. Couple pictures of Martin Aparajo(sp) and the bottom photo is me and the extent of my freestyling.
  3. ......and the last of Devonshire. The first picture is of my buddy Steve eating shit in the "fishbowl"
  4. I have a bunch, it is going to take a few post, these are from Devonshire Downs I want to say they are 1982-1983?
  5. Steve thanks for sending mine to the desert, I just got it today. Oh and thanks for the poster, it will be going up in my shop. Tim
  6. Growing up, Western States Imports was a quick 20 minute bike ride from my house so we used to ride there all the time and get free stickers from them. We also use to go through their dumpsters looking for anything we could use, the people who worked for them were always really cool to us so I will/have always loved DB. Since I can not afford my Grail the HL Turbo I built this up.
  7. Bought the Frame and Fork from a local bike shop with Vector Cruiser bars and made the money back selling the bars. I had a 20" as a kid 27 years ago and it was stolen so this is a great find for me.
  8. has not set their status

  9. I always love to see Rhinos, for me it was the bike with the best dimensions for my size.
  10. Someone may have touched on this about 6 pages ago, but I think as a 15-16 year old some of us could not afford some items like Flights, Bullseye or Phil hubs, I worked at a bike shop and still couldn't afford them. Now that I am older and can afford to buy these items and more it is really tempting to do it. I haven't yet but I really like Flights and they may go on my next build. The first thing that I noticed when I got back into this about a year and a half ago is that to buy anything Hutch you had to just about take out a loan, I never liked Hutch as a kid, I grew up in SOCAL I didn't see that many back then so I don't understand the desire now?
  11. While I was out in Fallon for a month I went to one of the local shops in Reno, it was on the same road as the Eldorado just south of there and as long as you have better service then that shop you will do fine. After talking to the guy for about 15 minutes I said okay lets do this and ring it up, he actually said "I really don't have time to sell this to you cause we are about to close and I have to meet some people, can you come back tomorrow" I said sure I will come back tomorrow and find another shop to buy from how does that sound? So then he says, "well if you have to, have a good night!".