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  1. Well that seat looks comfy. So maybe you overstepped. LOL. Crazy. How many are the older ones like mine? Most I've seen now are newer?
  2. I don't think I've seen another one of these except yours. Wow. Very cool.
  3. Alright Hays, is this just a foiler tube RA-7? Just figured it's not your normal RA, so worth a drop in to the thread.
  4. Oh man. I wish. I even have some OG decal sets. But I think Steve's right, and it's out of my reach right now.
  5. The collection keeps growing. Cindy X3. Pam X1. There may be one more color, but I'm a bit color blind and sometimes faded colors can be tough for me to ID in a crappy picture. But maybe not. And there is a Cindy with wavy hair and a pistol and straight on shot. Not sure about different colors. I think I have seen a Pam with a different color dress, too. So there may be more colors in play, too.
  6. My CBL plates. Pam and 3 Cindys with different colors. Not even what I normally collect, but sometimes you dig stuff outside your sweet spot.
  7. I was wondering, but, plenty busy myself. Sometimes a year break makes the return that much better. Enjoy the chill time.
  8. I've learned a ton and improved my collection. I need to get some pics of details and get it up. B-MX in flat bed and concave, stamped and unstamped (super early), spindle bosses. Spindle swap donors (for that I gotta have 1/2" pedal guy who just can't find them). All sorts of info. Just a teaser.
  9. The "big" lug is the earlier model. The leaner lug is newer.
  10. Being I try to save cool GJS pics as they turn up, here's that hand cut brake bridge. This is the one item I'd still love to see and hear more about. Look at the back-end, top. Mongoose inspired. I believe this is the GJS prototype.
  11. 1978 Redline Proline Byron Grant Survivor OK. I'm not sure anyone knows who Byron Grant is. But, the dude had one badass race bike from BITD. This came to me from a guy who got it at an estate sale in Texas. He priced it high enough to keep the flippers off it and I was lucky enough to land it. If you were going to build a 78 Redline, this would be how you'd draw it up. All I've replaced on this is tires and grips and added an era correct handlebar pad since it didn't have one. If you know Byron, give him a high five and point him here. Frame/Fork: Redline Proline. Stem: Redline double clamp. Bars/grips. Generic original alloy bars with Ourys. Not V-bars interestingly. Cranks: 170mm C-Dated DuraAce cranks and Shimano chainwheel. Pedals: MKS BM-1's Seat: Suede Professional brand. Seatpost/clamp: Generic post, generic Schwinn style clamp. Brakes: Diacompe caliper and bronco bend lever. Wheels: Araya 7Bs with Schwinn hubs. Those are actually super faded red anno. And the original hub straps to keep them clean still there Tires: Cycle Pro Snakebellies. Pads: Original Redline pads. Badass stickers. JT Racing. SE Racing. "If you value your life...." Pics of how it was found and that original owner logo