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  1. The seller says she gave it to him/her back in the 80's. If it were me, I wouldn't sell something like that especially if the owner gave it to me -- I'd give it BACK to her before I'd sell it for cash. But that's just me.
  2. Goofing off in the parking lot at CJBMX in Howell, NJ. I asked Antdog if I could ride his TNT scoot, LOL...
  3. Welllll....there's probably a bit of an east coast bias in terms of riders, lol...There is definitely an age bias, hahahaha! I grew up racing on the east coast and that's where I mostly race now. But I did meet Tina briefly at the ABA Grands last fall -- very cool lady. And Tammy found me on FB, lol....
  4. Heidi is not in there as of right now; Kathy Schachel told me she emailed her for some pics, so maybe I'll be able to put her in her rightful place somewhere down the line. I found most of the pics on my friends' FB pages, and off Mike Carruth's photos as well. Eventually, this will turn into a more cohesive thing with actual info in it, but this first piece is really kinda just a me and my friends type thing, lol.....I have some rad friends! ;)
  5. Thanks! I've been meaning to do this for a while; I just got back into the sport and have made some great new friends and reconnected with a lot of old ones. And they're more than just track moms, as you can see, lol...they're killer competition, some of 'em1
  6. ...or I wouldn't have recognized myself up in the front half of the pack in the 17 & over women's main today. I'm 43, and I think the rest of them were under 20. I ended up getting 7th, and I don't remember how that happened exactly, but that's another advantage to being twice as old as your competition Man, I love BMX !!
  7. Good for him! That sounds like a lot of fun, and a great hobby since he travels. Does anyone have any idea what the cost would be for going through that type of a training program? Just curious, in case I win the lottery.
  8. You're goddamn right I'm in cahoots with SE Racing, you asshat fuck. And I've got a seven foot tall 2009 ABA Grands trophy in my kitchen as a result. Man up, you turd sucking troll.
  9. Thanks, lol....it was CRAZY. Here's cruiser...LOVE my S&M..
  10. Being as this is the place for SE fans, thought you all would appreciate hearing that I won the 28 & over women's at my first ever ABA Grands. Patty Metzger is scary fast, but somehow I managed to squeak past her.... Mike C. took a cool pic (they're always cool, lol)...I also won my cruiser class ;)
  11. I think he's talking about the wide wale white corduroy OP shorts I had, LOL....And they were short, yeah...but they looked killer with my aqua Vans tennies and my yellow GT tshirt....If I could get back two shirts from when I was a kid it would be the yellow GT shirt and my pink BMXA shirt, damn.....and maybe those jeans....
  12. Of course i remember you! You where from pough Kippsi, NY. You had at one time sent me a picture of you jumping, in these real cool (well sexy) shorts. Your where a few feet off the ground with the bars crossed completely backwards over a tabletop jump. I'm super pleased to see that you remember and wonder about me. I'm still riding, can't quite get it flat. But still can get some air. If interested email me so I can send pictures. mickeyslundy@gmail.com. I still have those shorts, Mickey!! ;). Glad to see you are well--I'll email ya!