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  1. NOS CW freestyle tires by Kenda 20 x 1.90 High preasure tires
  2. I hope I get blessed with the chance to find atleast one someday. I freaked out when I saw the pics, cause I have never even seen one till that point. I will be posting pics of my collection soon, I have to go buy a new camera hince the pics ^^^ Thanks for the info one the mag aswell.
  3. Thanks for the pic! No trouble if you happen upon that zine please just hit me up. I would like to find that issue if some one has one that they could let go, I would be interested. What kills me is that stem package on your white Cali, I have over 20 complete Calis and over 40 frame sets and I have never ran into one of those and I search high and love for these bikes and parts. I want that damn thing like no other!!!! Complete sickness, ughh
  4. If anyone has some NOS or MINT CW freestyle tires in white or black single or set, hell even some used ones will surfice, but if you have some or know where some are for sale or trade please contact me, seriously!!! Thanks
  5. The white bike is really bitchin brother, I really like it!!! What zine did you find that white 1st Gen '85 CW Cali FS at? Very interesting the ever so many different variations these bikes went through. Thats part of the reason I love these bikes CW Californias be it down!!!!!!!
  6. Donvader, you have some very fine CW's there my friend!!! I got your email and appreciate you taking time to forward me the information. Great bikes.
  7. New addition to the Fam. Thanks go out to Jay and Joe, thank you for the great deal. I will doing a complete restore but leaving the OG finish but adding new nos decals.
  8. Great find on the FBP, one awesome bike indeed!
  9. X2^^^ Bike looks bitchin bro. Im liking that green. Cant wait to see some outside shots
  10. Another reason is that these bikes have 20"+ TT's. But I like the look better anyway
  11. Its temp. im waiting on a black TuffNeck drain post to get to me, but it will also go on backwards. I just like it that way.
  12. Just about finished with this one and was just a little happy how she stands up and thought I would share. Thanks
  13. Thanks J.T. for adding it to the thread. It is my favorite '84 by far. Great build!!!! Is the S# stamped on the rear right drop also? Thanks
  14. This 1st Gen '85 is my latest addition to the stable. S#FSX1539 stamped on the outside rear right drop-out
  15. Good to have friends like that brother!!! Just at your convience. This will take some time to get off the ground.