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  1. Star Bars too? Or even earlier? You know what i find when i look,fuckin Huffys.... :16:
  2. This sounds killer! How far am I from Wallingford? I gotta look it up,KO I'll swing by and pick you up...
  3. I fill my day with porn and girls,and BMX of course,bein greazy aint eazy
  4. Do we work at the same place? i have friends at both sites,and I like both sites,I like them each for different reasons,but both are tops in my book.Like I said before I belong to many forums,but NONE have the bro factor quite like OS-BMX
  5. AWESOME K BAR!!! What do you want for it....I get out for a few weeks and I'm drawn RIGHT the fuck back in!!!
  6. SICK!!!! Are those Matthauser pads any good? I have 2 NOS pairs at the house...
  7. I've been thinking (dangerous I know) Do I need 50 bikes in my garage to be considered an enthusiast? It's more about the memories for me,when I see a new build come up,and I say "I remember seeing that in a mag as a kid" or "my friend had one just like it!" I guess my point is this,I see everyone selling off some stuff,but in my opinion that doesn't mean they have any less passion for the sport,but they have life problems that arise,or perhaps get a bit burnt out on builds,or the money that it takes to build something these days,or even sour due to the repro debate...i personally thought when I see 50 bikes in someone's garage,it bums me out a bit,if those 50 bikes were out there,they would make 50 people happy,rather than being a dust collector...Just my two cents Joe BMX nut since 79.
  8. You would think Jeff with all his money would buy a nice camera....That pic SUCKS!!!! but cool story...
  9. I thought they were worthless before,now for sure...
  10. Is it a given that I would be grabbing my stash before anything else? Since that would be the first thing I would take...LOL
  11. I always thought Toby Henderson was great.When I got back into BMX,i got a Hutch XL24 that was rumored to be his BITD. I emailed Toby at THE,he talked to me like we were long lost bro's...CLASS ACT!
  12. UGH!!! It was the chrome frameset that went Tony,and it went to "Kooman" (Bryan) above,who is actually going to RACE it,so I knew it would be in good hands,and be where it belongs,on the track and not on my trophy stand! Can't wait to see pics bro! Now it looks like the blue one is next to go....sigh... WOW JON!! A Chevy guy wants progress on a MUSTANG??? What's next,Pat coming in and asking the same thing??? Now I'm dreamin.. The car is in the body shop now for a little massaging,hood pins,new emblems,etc...Next week is suspension and wheels,then the following week I think I'm going with heads and cams rather than a power adder,I want it old school,ALL MOTOR! This is the link to the body kit that is going on the car,not the whole kit,just some parts I like.And yes,20'' Halibrands with spinners WILL be on there.. https://www.cervinis.com/Default.aspx And here is a "before" pic of the car,after pic coming soon...
  13. With a heavy heart,I have let one of my girls go. She was a good girl,just not a good girl for me...She is in good hands now,but how bad does it SUCK to pack up something you care about so much and ship it off? I think I'm just venting,but I know everyone here has a "fish that got away "story...Bye old girl,you were swell...i have a new love now,drag racing,and fool needs a supercharger! And mama ain't buyin,so the sheet has to go! At least i still have my other girl,for now...
  14. Steve,good lookin out just doing and not asking,no need for hate today,i'm fucking gutted...