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  1. f/f wear a new coat, new decals 7x rims, suzue hubs and tioga slicks were all nos before being installed mcs bars, ame grips 1000's front and back, tech 3's cycle pro clamp pro neck II stem brooks saddle tuf neck ring takagi crank tioga sealed bb
  2. looks great! i too looked at the first pic and thought holy fuck what did he do to that laguna?
  3. i'm down from over 20 to 10 bmx bikes (i still have a couple of non bmx cruisers as well) and i'm going to thin things out a bit more. it's incredibly hard letting go of some of them but once they're gone it's all good. actually it feels really good having less.
  4. yeah, one of the rainbow fork decals was put on upside down.
  5. original paint and decals on f/f, og finish on all of the parts as well me thinks the boys in the shop were hung over when they put on the fork decals check out the tab on the drive side 1982 champion f/f kos cruiser bars, ame cams dc 1000's, tech 3's tuf neck stem suntour seat clamp brooks saddle ukai shiny side, sr hubs avocet slicks takagi cranks, kkt pedals, sugino ring and spider
  6. beautiful line up! really dig each one of 'em. very nicely done. i like the reflection in your pics from the water, definitely adds to the photos. very cool.
  7. very, very cool! big thumbs up to all involved, merry christmas.