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  1. Good to see this site alive with people. Of course great subject matter in this thread. I know we are "supposed to be" on Facebook, but being in or just reading a good conversation on this site will always beat 36 people liking a vintage photo on Facebook. In the midst of building a Redline myself, great inspiration about the brand.
  2. This. I'm the one with a finished numberplate and no cranks. Lol
  3. Showed these on the Society FB page. Just acquired these ones. They are not without blemishes (broken spider leg, cut off spider guide sleeve), but I have wanted these forever and they are perfect for this bike.
  4. Yes. 1984 seems to be when the ads appeared. They can be seen sprinkled into magazine editorial shortly thereafter. This is BMXA May 1984.
  5. Steve, thanks for doing this. Hopefully, life will return to this over time.
  6. There have been a few threads about Torker hubs. In short, it is unknown if they were distributed outside of factory riders and a few SoCal shops/influencers. A member here indicated that Rob Lynch of Peddlepower had given him one. The guy that has the best real life examples is former Torker team guy Phil D. He has two ridiculous on-bike sets--one on his 84 Pro-X and another on a 24" cruiser. Another often debunked myth is that they are OEM'ed by Sunshine. They look like similar era Sunshine sealed hubs, but have a smaller hub diameter and other differences like being solid color, where those Sunshines were two-tone. AC
  7. Yeah, no hope of finding Torker hubs. Going Sunshine sealed for a similar look.
  8. Hi Guys, Been a long time and so much has changed with this world of collecting--seems pretty dead. I too was weary of everything. I was sick of my own stuff, done with anything refinished (took awhile for me), sick of overwrought, cheesy bmxmuseum bikes and not into survivor 70's bikes that many folks here talk about and of course all the drama everywhere. I know that's a lot of generalizations, but I just mostly moved on and sold most of my stuff, save a few keeper parts that meant too much to me. Besides my childhood GT which I will always keep, the one complete bike I kept was my 84 Torker Torklite Mini (2009 BOTY mini winner). While I am proud of saving it from the scrap heap and repairing it, it's thick white powder and repro decals bother me. I told myself if I ever found the same tiny frameset in an original chrome finish, I would buy it. I come back to this hobby after putting it away for chunks of time--time after time since 2002. Randomly browsing the museum trade section, found one that was in incredible shape. It was ridden, or at least built, but unlike most of these frames, the downtube was intact and the integral seatpost clamp was intact and had original thru bolt. My vision is for this bike is to put as many actual Torker parts on it as possible and nothing refinished whatsoever. What parts are possible? Stem of course, check. The other two are a bit harder to find: Euro BB and Mini T-Bars. Check and check. Got everything else save for hubs right now--maybe I can make it in for the 2015 entry deadline. If not, whatever. Nice to be genuinely excited about a project again. AC