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  1. i will chime mine in later itemized
  2. The frame is Nickle I could get chrome but it wouldn't match either
  3. they are pretty much flat black they look shinier in photos
  4. So this all started when Donnie, "AKA" gaijin, and his girlfriend Fiona were going to be in San Francisco on 10/15/11. They flew in from Florida so Fiona could run in a marathon. My fiancee (Stephanie) and I met them in the City for dinner and drinks. We immediately clicked, and hours flew with conversation, cocktails, and food. They only had 1 night in town. At dinner, we made plans to go to Southern California for the BMX Society show on 6/2/12. One of the questions I asked Donnie was, "what is your dream bike?" and he got back to me later with a list. Donnie was skeptical that is could be a reality, but I convinced him that I could get it ready by the BMX show. After a slow start, and a lot of hunting, and with some help from Donnie (in Florida!), I think it's going to happen. Parts are "in the mail" and here's what we have thus far. And, since Fiona's coming, I had to get a bike ready for her too.
  5. me too!!! never seem to get the time to go down there this year im going to suck it up and go!!!!
  6. i have to have something to hold up my 250lbs the standard sissy bars are a bit cheap im still kicking around some ideas