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  1. I like the idea of a retro floval flyer. And chrome sounds cool.
  2. I had lunch with a guy on Thursday and the Props show was showing on one of the tvs in the background ~~ I don't think I heard a word the other guy said ~~ I was too busy watching the show over his shoulder. If it wasn't for commercial breaks I wouldn't have even known the other guy was there. That show was crazy.
  3. Very, very, very nice! Thanks for posting the pics.
  4. Thanks for posting the lists ~~ this definately falls into the category "I wish I knew then what I know now".
  5. I rode with (but never raced) Cody Smart back in the day. I voted for him ~~ not because I think he is the number one racer on the list ~~ but because I know him and I didn't want to see him get shut out.
  6. Love that Race Inc. Would love to see the pics when the bike is done.
  7. Got the GHP Twenty4 put together ~~ but didn't have all of the tools to tighten everything here at the office. The bike is a great buy for the bucks ~~ but looking it over I see a couple of upgrades that I will get to pretty quickly. But all in all ~~ a great bike for the money.
  8. Add me to the t-shirt list ~~ and some shop stickers when you have them.
  9. Now I know where all the parts I am looking for went ~~ you have them!
  10. I talked to Greg via email and by phone ~~ he was straight forward about the freewheel. I went ahead and went with the red Twenty4. Wagonguy ~~ let me know when you get the mail order part of the business up and running ~~ I have some upgrades I want to move forward with.
  11. I know I have said it once in this thread ~~ but seeing the pics makes me excited for you ~~ good luck!
  12. I sold the Diamondback I was restoring and I am now looking at an inexpensive (and by that I don't mean cheap ~~ I mean good bang for the buck) 24" to ride with my son. I am looking at the new GHP Twenty4 ~~ only $325 with free shipping. The website says it is "race ready". The bike looks good ~~ almost too good. Does anybody have this bike? If so ~~ what are your thoughts and opinions? I have one friend who has the bike and he strongly recommends it. Any others?
  13. Hypothetically speaking ~~ What would you do if you found your "Holy Grail" frame in NOS condition? For the purpose of discussion let's say that all you found was the frame (no forks, no completes ~~ just a NOS frame). Would you build a show bike? Would you keep the frame unassembled? Just curious.