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  1. Cheers Coasty! I have been lurking around a few sites Based on the Upper Nth Shore of Sydney... B
  2. Cheers, I look forward to jumping back on the Patto, its been a long time in between drinks, i just need to pull my finger out and blt it together Ben
  3. Hera a few pics, as stated this will be complete in the next week or so when i will update pics.. "83 Patterson Racing.. Stem.. Stu Bars.. Cranks.. UKAI's Then onto this....'84 JMC Standard/Short...this is dead mint, with the slightest of slight washer marks, its done no work with the og chrome not showing a blemish.... Cheers, All, Ben
  4. Coasty, Just a few K's south of you @ Sydney... Just came across this site, a bundle of info i have to get through Ben
  5. I love the pro class cranks :whistling No box, but i have the cranks Ben
  6. I thought i would stick my head in and say G'day... Have been lurking for a while so thought i would start to contribute. I have a couple of builds on the go atm, my old racer a '83 Patterson that is just about complete (waiting on rubber) and a '84 JMC Standard/Short that i will begin very shortly...also on the lookout for a early GT (Pro or something similar....) Cheers all, I look forward to sticking around for a while Later, B