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  1. Awesome JMC Bryce! I probably cut, mitered and preped the tubes on that frame in '79. I was working at JMC when that frame was born.
  2. The bi-centennial bread loaf (S) frame bike looks like Denny Davidow's old ride that Tim bought from him years ago. Strat is the keeper of many '70s jewels long before they were cool.
  3. hope you're getting settled in up there. Go see my Dad when you have a chance he's living in Camano Island. We just moved back to Carlsbad, swing by when you start craving that thing called THE SUN...
  4. I was there for that one, good times!! Pretty sure that's where I met allot of the OG Darkside homies.
  5. These guys have them available. http://www.sportaid.com/racing/racing-tires/
  6. LOL! Busted!!! True on the forking out the cash for the Track axles. We eventually did fork out the cash and convert to Pista axles. Also forked over the coin for a set of Dura ace cranks too...
  7. Cool, post it up, everyone would love to see it.
  8. Can't tell you the exact number produced but it is low and what you believe is in the ballpark. The decal placement can be either. I have a copy of an ad that has it on the top tube and #CF011 has had it on the top tube since new. I had another Schwerma back in the day that had it on the down tube. I like it better on the down tube but I'm leaving mine OG.
  9. Bryce, Those photos are awesome!!! Harry back in the hair days and George, man I miss that guy. He was always really cool to me as a kid.
  10. Awesome history Byron!!! Here's my '76 Schwerma Champ #CF011